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The suffering of an animal, like the suffering of children, puts our internal justice-maker on the warpath.  Our gray cat Simon made a beeline out the door last night, determined to have an October prowl. Wherever he was attacked, he made it back to the pasture near the garden, where the horses, and then Annie,… Read more


We’ll see what happens with it, but I just pulled in one of the more interesting 4 days of my long career, in a multi-disciplinary exploration of fascia (what else?). This unique multidisciplinary conference lived up to its name, including (in alphabetical order) personal trainers, physiotherapists, Pilates teachers, orthopedic surgeons, osteopaths, rehabilitation specialists, and yoga teachers.… Read more

Edo in Hamburg

I’m always happy when my hotel windows open, which is increasingly rare in the States.  I suppose it’s because someone could jump, and that’s bad for one’s reputation, but I feel more suicidal when forced to breathe recirculated air all night.  Fortunately in Hamburg I have one of those marvelous German windows (why don’t we… Read more

Blood Moon

I am not much of a New Ager, at least not as much as a lot of the folks around me. I have experience with auras (did you hear that we are all surrounded by an ‘aura’ of trillions of bacteria, skin cell parts, and fecal matter? helluva aura!) because I can feel and occasionally… Read more

On the way home

We woke this morning to snow in Takayama. The bed is low to the floor and futon-ish, no shoes in the room as it is all tatami mats.  I had opened the window as I went to sleep – a very welcome catch-up comatose sleep – but this morning the snow was curling in. Breakfast… Read more

Takayama Frigid

The Asian teaching is all done. Ten days straight in China, which were admittedly grueling to live through but culturally fascinating to observe, and then six straight days in Japan, which were easier to handle but crazy busy as usual. The marathon was the result of a change in schedule that squished everything together –… Read more

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