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Anatomy Trains For All

Some of the exciting content you’ll have access to as a subscriber.

  • Anatomy Basics
  • Fascia and Biotensegrity
  • BodyReading
  • Regional Anatomy
  • Dissection of the Anatomy Trains Lines
  • Manual Therapy Techniques
  • And much more!

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“I highly recommend Anatomy Trains for All to anyone interested in deepening their knowledge of Manual and Movement Therapies. Both the Website and App are easy to navigate and packed with great resources from Lectures on a wide range of topics, to Manual Therapy Techniques to Movement Practices. Thanks to the Anatomy Trains Team for creating this valuable resource!”

— Cam Parliament RMT, Certified Anatomy Trains Structural Integrator

“My experience using Anatomy Trains for All has been wonderful in terms of how easy it is to navigate through the library. The material is well organized; you simply scroll down or create a search and you will get multiple suggestions on the subject you are looking for.

“I recently had a client who suffered from thoracic outlet syndrome, and after a quick search, I came up with seven different short videos to guide my treatment.

“I am an ATSI practitioner and this is somewhat of a dream come true, to have this information easily accessible whenever I need it, I highly recommend a subscription to Anatomy Trains for All.”

— Murielle Corwin, ATSI, RYT

“I am so excited about Anatomy Trains for All! The platform contains so much valuable content and gems, available for binge-watching or leisurely viewing whenever it suits best. The platform is easy to use on a desktop, streaming, and I love how I can watch on my phone from the home-screen (very user-friendly!).

“I work as a physical therapist and structural integration practitioner, and I always love diving deeper and studying more. This is the perfect way to do that. 
I received a very quick and kind response from customer service, solving a tiny issue. I look forward to watching all of it in the coming weeks and months and new content as it becomes available!”

— Christel Hendriks, ATSI