• KMI in Maine
    2016 - 2017

    Take your bodywork to the next level with our professional structural integration training program.

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  • Fascial Dissection 2017
    Come and "See For Yourself"

    Our unique fascial dissection workshops offer a life-changing look inside the human body.

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  • Maine Summer Courses
    Summer 2016

    Join us in July and August this summer on the beautiful coast of Maine. Our classroom sits on a hill overlooking the forest, just a half mile from a salt-water river for swimming or paddling.

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  • Balancing the Pelvis DVD
    3 DVD Set

    A complete tour of the pelvis with manual therapy techniques.

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KMI in Walpole, Maine 2016

Join us for the 23rd KMI training, starting in August in beautiful coastal Maine. Our classroom sits on a hill overlooking the forest, just half a mile from a salt-water river for swimming or paddling.

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News and Research

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Practitioner Tip: Carpal Tunnel Release

While arches in the feet can fall and become too flat, it is far more common for the arches of the hand to get too ‘arch-y’ – the tunnel gets too narrow as the hook of the hamate and the tubercle of the trapezium approach each other.  Whether it is a use issue or an… Read more

Equine Dissection: Sharon May-Davis

While in Christchurch, New Zealand a few weeks back, I attended a horse dissection. All too briefly – it was happening while I was teaching, so after racing across the Canterbury Plain as the sun fell, I arrived at Bowen therapist Cath Gordon’s farm – www.equineinspiration.net – for about an hour of exploring horse anatomy,… Read more

Featured Webinar
Fascia in Movement

Learn how the fascia responds to stretch, exercise, and movement. This webinar series brings together Tom Myers’ 40 years experience in fascial therapy with the latest research on tissue elasticity, responses to loading, injury, and the internal body sens.

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Myofascial Meridians A revolution in Soft-Tissue Patterning

Anatomy Trains® maps the ‘anatomy of connection’ – the whole-body fascial and myofascial linkages. Anatomy Trains links the individual muscles into functional complexes, each with a specific anatomy and ‘meaning’. Anatomy Trains leads to new holistic strategies for health professionals, movement teachers, and athletes to resolve complex postural and movement patterns.

Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians gives you a new understanding of whole-body patterning in posture and function – the interplay of movement and stability. Understanding the ‘Superficial Back Line’ as a whole gives insights into hamstring problems that you cannot get from considering the hamstrings alone. The ‘Spiral Line’ shows how to resolve rotational compensations in a way that no analysis of any single muscle can give.