• Maine Summer Courses
    Summer 2016

    Join us in July and August this summer on the beautiful coast of Maine. Our classroom sits on a hill overlooking the forest, just a half mile from a salt-water river for swimming or paddling.

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  • Balancing the Pelvis DVD
    3 DVD Set

    A complete tour of the pelvis with manual therapy techniques.

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  • Anatomy Trains - Third Edition
    The brand new Anatomy Trains book

    Anatomy Trains opens a unique window to the anatomy of connection via this book – fully illustrated in 4-color with new anatomy art, fascial dissections, and a host of hands-on and movement applications for various…

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  • Fascial Release for Structural Balance
    January 2016

    Practice Efficient and Effective Integrated Body Work

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KMI Portland, Oregon 2016

Join us for the KMI training being held for the 2nd time in Portland, OR, on January 26, 2016. We are happy to be hosted by East West College, located in downtown Portland, convenient to all public transportation.

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News and Research

Stay Up To Date with the Latest From Tom Myers

Teacher Spotlight: Don Thompson

As part of our on-going Teacher Spotlight series, we’re excited to be featuring Anatomy Trains teacher from the UK, Don Thompson. His journey to structural integration and teaching Anatomy Trains is a great read! Don has been involved in the study of the human form for the best part of 3 decades. He draws upon his… Read more

Fascial Layers: Q&A

From Lauri Nemetz and Tom Myers, during Fascial Dissection labs, January 2016 : Lauri: “Traveling always gives an interesting perspective and seeing clouds, rivers, mountains, etc. echoes what we see underneath the surface of the body in lab. We have some discernible structures, and even cloud “layers” are named, but the exact beginnings and ends… Read more

The Tibetan Monk

The leader of rehabilitation at the local hospital in Shenyang is one of the KMI students, a kind older gentleman who looks more Indian than Chinese. He wants me to look at one of his patients, described as a monk. He has an intractable shoulder problem. I come back early from lunch to have a… Read more

New Webinars
The Science of Bodywork #2

Gain a global perspective in this focused yet wide-ranging tour of how we get ‘put together’ biomechanically in the first nine months of our lives.

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Myofascial Meridians A revolution in Soft-Tissue Patterning

Anatomy Trains® maps the ‘anatomy of connection’ – the whole-body fascial and myofascial linkages. Anatomy Trains links the individual muscles into functional complexes, each with a specific anatomy and ‘meaning’. Anatomy Trains leads to new holistic strategies for health professionals, movement teachers, and athletes to resolve complex postural and movement patterns.

Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians gives you a new understanding of whole-body patterning in posture and function – the interplay of movement and stability. Understanding the ‘Superficial Back Line’ as a whole gives insights into hamstring problems that you cannot get from considering the hamstrings alone. The ‘Spiral Line’ shows how to resolve rotational compensations in a way that no analysis of any single muscle can give.