• Advanced Summer Program 2019
    On the Maine Coast

    Anatomy Trains’ summer course program features all-star teachers from the worlds of movement and manual therapy. Come for the education, stay for the vacation!

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  • ATSI in Maine
    2019 - 2020

    Take your bodywork to the next level with our Anatomy Trains Structural Integration training program. Now taking applications for Maine 2019-20!

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  • Fascial Dissection Courses
    2-Day Dissection, May 19-20 2019

    Change your work forever.

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  • Anatomy 101 for Yoga Teachers and Students
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    In partnership with Yoga Journal, comes this exciting 7-week online course presented by Tom Myers. Learn to identify common postural patterns, as well as strategies for cueing to awaken parts of the body.

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We offer short professional development courses and Structural Integration trainings worldwide for movement and manual therapists of all types.

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We offer the most diverse and highest quality training products to meet the Bodywork CE requirements. We have trained thousands of Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Yoga and Pilates Instructors and Personal Trainers.

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Retreats with Tom Myers

Take a deep dive with Tom Myers in an immersive experience of 21st century anatomy and movement. The unique, relaxed and nurturing locations and carefully curated programs are inspired by Tom’s 40 years of bodywork experience.

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ATSI in Walpole, Maine 2018-19

“Your intuition will be better the more science you know — an accurate picture of what is actually under your hand. Let your hand become more “knowing.” – Tom Myers

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Anatomy Trains E-Magazine: Issue 7 – Fascia

Another incredible Anatomy Trains e-magazine created by Julie Hammond, director of Anatomy Trains Australia and New Zealand and her amazing team. This seventh issue is all about fascia! Contributions from Thomas Myers Gil Hedley David Lesondak Lauri Nemetz Julie Hammond Plus teacher spotlights on Chris Clayton, Marcin Siedlaczek, and Cristy Harper! Enjoy. 

Anatomy Trains’ Top 10 Posts

‘Tis the season for end-of-the-year lists and we at Anatomy Trains have gathered our top 10 most popular blogs and social media posts of 2018. We are so grateful for our dedicated students and followers who engage with our content so thoughtfully.  We are delighted that our article “What you need to know about Fascia”… Read more

New Bundle
Anatomy Trains Complete Starter Package

Our most complete introduction to the Anatomy Trains to date! Perfect for the manual therapist looking to dive into the world of fascia and the Anatomy Trains. Includes book, posters and 10+ hours of manual therapy instructional video from Tom!

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Myofascial Meridians A revolution in Soft-Tissue Patterning

Anatomy Trains® maps the ‘anatomy of connection’ – the whole-body fascial and myofascial linkages. Anatomy Trains links the individual muscles into functional complexes, each with a specific anatomy and ‘meaning’. Anatomy Trains leads to new holistic strategies for health professionals, movement teachers, and athletes to resolve complex postural and movement patterns.

Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians gives you a new understanding of whole-body patterning in posture and function – the interplay of movement and stability. Understanding the ‘Superficial Back Line’ as a whole gives insights into hamstring problems that you cannot get from considering the hamstrings alone. The ‘Spiral Line’ shows how to resolve rotational compensations in a way that no analysis of any single muscle can give.