The Arm Lines and the 3 Spirals with Tom Myers



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The Arm Lines and the 3 Spirals with Tom Myers

Many athletic endeavors, including the golf swing, depend on coordinated spiral action to impart full momentum. In golf, for example, the coordination of the swing depends on the strength, balance, and coordination among 3 spiral systems hidden in the muscle layers. The most outer of these spirals connects the shoulder and hip girdles contralaterally. The middle spiral centers and rotates the trunk, while the inner spiral turns the spine on its axis. If any one of these spirals is out of balance, or the coordination among them is not well-timed, it will throw off the accuracy or the power of the swing, or the throw.

This video with Anatomy Trains author Tom Myers provides a tour of these three spirals, how they work in action, and how to use them together for maximum power.

Runtime: Approximately 40 minutes


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