How Fascia Moves

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There’s a lot of confusion out there about how fascia responds to various forms of stretch and training. In this webinar, Tom Myers clarifies the subject by outlining four key properties of fascial tissue (viscosity, elasticity, plasticity, remodeling) and how connective tissues respond to various forms and speeds of training. Know what you’re talking about in the fascial arena by taking in this 30 minute video that ‘tells it like it is’ – simple, direct, and based on the latest research.

Run Time: 32:08

135 reviews for How Fascia Moves

  1. Joyce (verified owner)

    Mind blowing! I am so glad I watched this webinar. It made me think differently about fascia and how I take care of not only my massage client’s bodies, but my body as well.

  2. Santiago (verified owner)

    Excellent! Tom Myers shines in explaining complex topics in a simple an very illustrative manner (with creative examples), while keeping awake the sense of “amazement” for this stuff. It was great and left me wanting to know more, specially about the different ways to train these properties. My only advise would be that the difference (in training methods) between Viscosity and Elasticity was not very clear, but for the space of the video this is understandable. Great quality!

  3. Eileen Ballard MS MD (verified owner)

    My experience of Tom Myers work is profound and is changing everything in my approach to medicine and healing. I will never recommend medication to a patient without placing it a far second to the process of healing inherent in our structure. Much more to come. I can or thank you enough . I will review more material after I have digested and incorporated the concepts and remodeled my prior scaffolding. From my Heart. Eileen L Ballard.

  4. Mariasilvia Pittaluga (verified owner)

    What I like most about Tom Myers is his ability to explain concepts by images! In this case 30 minutes of webinar are worh like a couple of scientific books I read in the last few months. And now I can immagine my fascia moving as I move. Very useful for moment therapists, that can’t feel the fascia on their clients, but can just look at the quality of the moment.

  5. Brandy (verified owner)

    This webinar was great! I now have a greater understanding of Viscosity, Elasticity, Plasticity and Remodeling. The hands-on demonstrations brought a much clear understanding than just reading a scientific definition in a book! Also, the information Tom Myers provides in the webinar clarified much of deformation and “awkwardness” that I visually observe especially of fitness enthusiasts that seem to just jump into fitness, transforming their bodies, but continually end up with injuries. Now I can more effectively communicate what is taking place in an individuals body regarding this situation. Thank you for this education.

  6. Azita Papaie (verified owner)

    Tom is an amazing gifted teacher. This is obvious whether in his presence in a class or in a webinar. This webinar explained a few very basic manual skills using Simple daily items in just 30 min. Great use of time and resources. Really appreciate it.

  7. Susan lim (verified owner)

    Your webinars have never fail to enlighten me. I have enjoyed all your webinars. They have always helped me to be able to share the information with my students and thereby helping them to understand and feel their own bodies. Such great learnings!

  8. Niv (verified owner)

    fascinating! the webinar is well structured, thoroughly explained, beautifully demonstrated and very insightful. thank you for the practical information, the professionality and the depth of the information.

  9. Kim (verified owner)

    Tom did a great job explaining fascia. The visuals he used were very helpful!

  10. (verified owner)

    A wonderful explanation of Fascia’s properties and how to the way we use our bodies can utilise/exploit these properties. This is then taken a step further and illustrated in the various ways we can train. Very easy to follow, highly engaging and so enjoyable. Thank you Tom!!

  11. Denny (verified owner)

    A great webinar with great visuals to help my understanding of fascia’s properties and how we can train it. I could listen to Tom speak all day!

  12. Melissa (verified owner)

    So fascinating! Loved the visuals, and the information was presented in a concise, organized, and very engaging way. Definitely changes how I think about training!

  13. Antonio Luissi (verified owner)

    I’m from Guatemala. I am very thankful. The visuals were great and helpful. Now I have a better understanding. The work of Myers changed my aproach to healing. Thank you so much!

  14. Christopher (verified owner)

    Enlighting, gave me a new perspective and respect for the bodies natural path that I will carry forward in the training of myself and others.

  15. Samuel (verified owner)

    Delightful. What a great subject to put into a single video/webinar. So simple and yet so foundamental. This really helped to sink my understanding about fascia more deeply. So much recommended.

  16. Sue (verified owner)

    Love the different methods of showing and explaining fascia and how it works. Great examples, engaging & fascinating webinar. Thank you.

  17. Judy (verified owner)

    Concise, clear,informative, engaging and as always entertaining. The “Remodelling” section was especially insightful.. Thank you so much.

  18. (verified owner)

    This video both instructs and delights. I am curious about other methods for training more elasticity into tissue besides running on the balls of the feet.
    Onward to the video about using the chair as a movement tool. Yeah.

  19. ROS (verified owner)

    Brilliant, enthralling, entertaining and hugely informative. Tom Myers is an excellent teacher, and he explains in a fun way while making sure the viewer gets the details and main points. I have a new and much deeper idea about training and exercise now – yet I’ve been teaching ballet, dance and yoga for over thirty years without knowing any of this. Thank you Tom Myers, you have really enriched my knowledge and practice. 🙂

  20. Pete (verified owner)

    The clarity with which Tom communicates makes the information totally accessible.

  21. Travis Giansiracusa (verified owner)

    This webinar has been extremely beneficial in helping me explain to my clients how fascia works.

  22. Alison Marsh (verified owner)

    I have dedicated my studies in Pilates to Diastasis Recti, and thinking about this condition in terms of the health of the fascia.
    This video is incredibly insightful in understanding the resilience of our connective tissue!

  23. Susan Lorrimer (verified owner)

    Excellent insight into the properties of fascia and the way it moves. The demonstrations with the cornflour liquid made it easier to understand. Thank you

  24. Jana (verified owner)

    This webinar is so helpful for my „ myself healing” my injuries , which are all about damage of my tendons and fascia. In cooperating with my physioterapist and my home yoga practice I can better understand my body signals now, after watching your video. Many thanks for your work 🙂 Jana

  25. Beth Mantis (verified owner)

    Engaging and enlightening~Tom Meyers has the ability to repaint the picture of effective bodywork!

  26. Jonathan Brubaker (verified owner)

    Tom Myers does an excellent job of discussing the various properties of fascia including how to train each and massage considerations for fascial release.

  27. Deborah Bruce (verified owner)

    Very illustrative and informing. An excellent video.

  28. Jeffrey Shoaf (verified owner)

    Really good video Tom! Well described and good sequencing of content. Thanks for your generosity in offering this for review!

  29. Kimberly Greer (verified owner)

    In this webinar, Tom provides a overview of the facial system and how to work with it. Firther, my interest in improving elasticity is now piqued.

  30. Jan Westwater (verified owner)

    Excellent. It drew me right in and now I want to know more.

  31. Steve wescott

    this webinar was clear and sysinct, in the way it explained the topic on how fascia move and the property of fascia, even though I have studied this previously I still found it very valuable, as it changed the way I view the properties of fascia. I will be getting more webinars and information in the future.

  32. Edward Kent (verified owner)

    Simple. Effective. Very informative. Thank you Tom!

  33. Paul Levitt (verified owner)

    Tom provides very interesting ways to explain how the fascial system works.

  34. Heleen Van der Struis (verified owner)

    Super interessant en leerzaam! Heldere metaforen en visualisaties waardoor de eigenschappen van fascia begrijpelijk en zichtbaar worden. Heel bruikbaar voor mezelf en voor uitleg aan anderen. Bedankt voor het delen van deze webinar!

  35. Carlos (verified owner)

    Very simple way to understand how the connective tissue works and how can be trained.

  36. yaarafarber (verified owner)

    Very interesting, made me want to explore more

  37. Zoya26 (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and passion.

  38. Gingko72 (verified owner)

    Great explanation of fascia and excellent metaphors! Thank you!!

  39. LMtrain (verified owner)

    Tom is a great presenter, easy to understand, and even adds humor! Important information, and looking forward to more videos! Thank you!

  40. doug_martin4 (verified owner)

    Educational and useful

  41. WernerH (verified owner)

    super interessting topic, very nice video, much infos explained in a simple understandable way,
    cheers Werner

  42. Henk

    Very educational! Top teacher, thank you for sharing this information

  43. michelle (verified owner)

    My dance students loved the corn starch analogy we focused on elasticity the whole class. I very much enjoyed the whole webinar, thank you

  44. Chris Castillon (verified owner)

    Really helpful to understand how our mindful adjustments work in the short / long run and also how injuries can happen with ignorance of these basic principles. [ from an Iyengar Yoga teacher ]

  45. Christine (verified owner)

    Great webinaire, it has given me a whole new perspective on the best way to work with injuries

  46. Bliss (verified owner)

    Simply superb, Tom to me is funny and and engaging,he makes things really insightful with his visual aids like the bowl with the corn thingy.
    Also because of this webinar I began looking for more on the website and also watch the really cool introduction to the anatomy trains book witch i ordered right after watching.
    Cheers Jan. Hollander

  47. Gina (verified owner)

    Excellent. Entertaining and educational.

  48. Marina Dorokhov (verified owner)

    Loved it, easy to understand and follow, so much good education packed into a 30min video! Would love to get certified in structural integration through Anatomy Trains!

  49. SDerderian (verified owner)

    This was a fascinating presentation that was very easy to understand. I look forward to learning more from Anatomy Trains.

  50. Carol F. (verified owner)

    This is a great explanation of fascia’s variable responses to exercise, pressure and impact. The video is lively, surprising, and important.

  51. Iwona Scheepers (verified owner)

    Very interesting and well explained. Makes me wanna learn more about fascia etc!

  52. Karen Lawson (verified owner)

    This was such an informative Webinar and I am so fascinated by Facia and what role it can play in my Pilates practice! I look forward to learning so much more and am thankful to have Anatomy Trains as a resource.

  53. Rhys (verified owner)

    Tom is an engaging presenter. The remodelling of fascia was of particular interest. I was disappointed that Tom did not make any mention of the relationship between the fascia and the enclosed muscle fibres during this stretching & remodelling. Would be interested in further exploration of these areas.

  54. Kim Wemer (verified owner)

    Fascinating topic. Just not able to jump into it all at this time but maybe in the future. Appreciate all the little free previews that help give a glimpse!

  55. Toni (verified owner)

    I found the information in this webina very intriguing and enjoyed the way he presented the info. It made me want to dig deeper into the subject of fascia.

  56. Nell

    Really enjoyed this webinar. Great explanation and visuals of the fascinating topic of fascia.

  57. croundtree (verified owner)

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge in such a clear and enthusiastic manner. I love fascia!

  58. Tash P (verified owner)

    Thoroughly enjoyed this Webinar. I have purchased the Anatomy Trains 3 recently. I have only just started to learn about Anatomy through my study to be a PT. I found Thomas Myers and Anatomy Trains Website through research i was doing on fascia due to recent surgery on my knee and foot. First time I have actually heard Thomas on the Webinar. Extremely knowledgeable. I will be saving for more courses, eventually would like to do them all! Thanks for free webinar 🙂

  59. (verified owner)

    Great introduction to fascia and how it moves in the body. Thanks 🙂

  60. (verified owner)

    Very fortunate to have access to Tom Myers’ teachings and expertise. Anatomy Trains and Tom Myers have furthered my understanding of the human body and changed my approach to teaching. Thank you.

  61. chelseejane (verified owner)

    I was amazed at how much I enjoyed watching this! I learned so much! The corn starch visual was spectacular at giving me an understanding of what Tom was describing. Absolutely fascinating! I’ll be getting another webinar for sure! Thank you so much!

  62. Iziko (verified owner)

    I am a dancer/circus performer interested in anatomy. Freshly after ACL reconstruction I was looking for information to better understand how fascia works. This webinar was a very good introduction to the topic for me. My physiotherapist and my doctor have different ideas about rehabilitation. The information I gained along with what my body tells me will help me to find the right process and therapist for me. Thank you very much!

  63. Jenny Bremner (verified owner)

    I am quite new to anatomy and the trains this video was really interesting and explained using fantastic relatable analogies. If I ished the video and went straight online to order the book.

  64. dvogel3 (verified owner)

    This webinar rocks! Such good visuals to demonstrate the properties. Thank you! Think I need to do fascia in movement next:)

  65. Bentobject (verified owner)

    very easy and logical to follow, I learned a lot that will help me on my path as a dancer and personal trainer. Thank you!

  66. Rayrayy116 (verified owner)

    Exactly what I needed!

  67. Helen (verified owner)

    Really great session. Very informative, engaging, with a nice mix of theory and demonstration and different types of visuals…very well taught. Thank you!

  68. kiropraktorhege (verified owner)

    Great knowledge! Tom Myers has fantastic ability to explain in an easy and understandable way!

  69. Lizstamey (verified owner)

    This made so much straightforwad, common sense! Looking forward to more.

  70. Ellie Petkova (verified owner)

    Wonderfully presented knowledge on the qualities of fascia! Interesting and very useful for better understanding of the body.

  71. Britta (verified owner)

    Wonderful Presentation, very easy to understand and to follow. Thanks a lot for this jewel.

  72. flavia (verified owner)

    Extremely clear and easy to follow, nice presentation of fascia and its property! Thanks for the great content.

  73. LauraSG (verified owner)

    This presentation was extremely clear, concise both visually and verbally. Tom’s breakdown of the fascia elements, examples of how each works and responds to force was excellent. Training examples help differentiate between Viscosity, Elasticity and Plasticity to further clarify and make it more understandable how the properties differ and play a part in joint and muscle movement (or lack therefore) of our bodies. I always learn so much from Anatomy Trains and Tom Myers! Thank you for such an informative webinar – keep doing what you do best!

  74. MahaDurga52 (verified owner)

    I learned and used this right away in my own practice and teaching. Changes I’ve been observing in my aging body as my practice changes are making a bit more sense now.

  75. Leslie N. (verified owner)

    Loved it! I am a 200hr RYT offering a gentle class so I have purchased the Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians book to help me understand the limitations people are dealing with when they describe their ‘hotspots’ prior to a yoga class.

  76. Mandy (verified owner)

    This is great , Tom makes it easy to follow it’s also really useful to be able to watch as many times as you can .😁😁

  77. Anita Frett-Baptiste (verified owner)

    Very helpful for both using on my clients and my aging body as well. As a therapist of 27 years I’m very grateful for the explanations he puts forth. Only issue I’m having as I work through the Book ‘Anatomy Trains’ 3rd Edition is that there is NO DVD in the book to follow up with as the book constantly indicates/suggests and I’m not sure how to find the visual aids. I cannot afford all of the different mini e-classes and was looking forward to not only reading how this works but seeing it too for a deeper understanding. Can someone let me know if there is a way to find all of the DVD references online at all?

  78. Ridha LHIBA (verified owner)

    Extremely helpful insights, thank you very much

  79. Rita Oliveira (verified owner)

    Extremely helpful contents, to use with my clients and for my personal use as well. The way it is showned is very clear and practical! Many thanks for sharing all knowledge.

  80. Miriam Hamui (verified owner)

    Superb. Very ilustrative. Thank you!

  81. Steven Thys (verified owner)

    Very informative and well brought. Even if you already know the basics, it is worth it and very understandable.

  82. isabel (verified owner)


  83. Jake Grigsby (verified owner)

    Very informative and useful content

  84. Katra Kodela (verified owner)

    Very nicely explained, thank you!

  85. Dan Kehlenbach (verified owner)

    Thank you for offering this Tom! I look forward to enrolling in future courses and webinars – as a strength coach your offerings can help me incorporate different educational aspects to my conditioning programs. With much gratitude, Dan Kehlenbach

  86. Isak999 (verified owner)


  87. Sharmeen Abeysinghe (verified owner)

    Great course. Excellent visual / tactile examples.

  88. Sharmeen Abeysinghe (verified owner)

    Great course. Excellent visual / tactile examples.

  89. Vanessa (verified owner)

    Very interesting information-thanks for sharing!

  90. trainerbill (verified owner)

    Great video explaining how fascia works, the analogy created an understanding great than I had prior. Thanks Tom!

  91. Francois Bouchard (verified owner)

    Thank you Tom for your insight and the way you teach. I like your pedagogic skills. Hope to meet with you someday 🙏🏻

  92. Javier Perea (verified owner)

    Es genial ver la manera clara y sencilla como explica los contenidos, además muy ilustrativo. Muchas gracias

  93. Ann Marie Falkman (verified owner)

    Very informative indeed and very pleasantly presented!

  94. Oriane Eisenbarth (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for this very informative webinar. I learnt fascinatiing facts about fascia that I had not been aware of. And with Tom Myers, learning is a real pleasure!

  95. emailaf (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this, thank you! This was informative, and useful. I understand the subject better, and have a better idea where I want to look and work next.

  96. Lam Su Fen (verified owner)

    Definitely enjoyed watching the webinar. Deeper understanding of fascial. Useful and informative approach to train Fascial. Looking forward for more Webinars from Tom. =)

  97. Ingrid Tarjan (verified owner)

    Totally worth your time. I’ve been to his workshops and if I could afford it, I’d go way more often, but this video is awesome. Intelligible, informative and helpful. I will be watching it several times over to get this stuff down.

  98. Rahul Kumar ojha (verified owner)

    Wonderful full experience with sir ,after watching this video I feel that why I didn’t get before.

  99. Marina Danisi (verified owner)

    Great video! Very well explained with useful examples.

  100. Millie Akbar (verified owner)

    Such a clear and concise picture of the properties of Fascia. It was full enough for our graduating class and simple enough for our new students.

  101. Anita Shannon (verified owner)

    Very well explained and illustrated information and an entertaining presentation!

  102. Russell Seguin (verified owner)

    Tom is inspired and inspiring! He generates excitement about how our bodies work. I’d never really heard or thought about the physics of fascia momentarily solidifying under impact- not only does it explain a lot, but has revolutionized my understanding about we run and how our bodies work!

  103. Laura DePonte (verified owner)

    In a mere 32 minutes Tom Meyers imparts a simple yet profound and deeply helpful view and understanding of fascia. The video provides great visuals with simple demonstration tools (e.g., cornstarch) that make the information totally clear. Can’t wait to learn more, he is an amazing, gifted teacher…

  104. Jonathan Noel (verified owner)

    Excellent information! Tom’s presentation includes demonstrations for better visualization of the concepts.

  105. Malcolm King (verified owner)

    A lucid and beautifully presented video. As an Alexander Technique teacher I would like to Tom’s knowledge and application become part of our training. On the other hand I would like to give Tom some better hints about how to keep his neck free!

  106. MJ Carr (verified owner)

    I thought the video was amazingly informative and engaging.
    What Tom said about fascia really held my attention and he demonstrated what he was speaking about in such striking hand-on ways. 🙂 I definitely want to learn more,

  107. Sam Prouty (verified owner)

    I am a Gyrotonic and Pilates teacher. Having just finished the online Dissection course with Tom and Todd, this was a wonderful addition to that information. Thank you for offering it as a gift!

  108. Jennifer Busch (verified owner)

    This is the accurate foundation all trainers need to make safe and effective exercise plans for their clients. Keep preaching the gospel . . .

  109. TensegrityPilates (verified owner)

    I’m a Pilates teacher and Yamuna Body Rolling pratictioner. Tom explains the foundation of the movement . Finally I found the real connection between the exercises I propose and their purpose. Thank you for share this great opportunity!

  110. Gail (verified owner)

    Excellent!!!! I LOVE the analogies. Tim makes everything easy to understand and relevant!!! Thank you so much!!!

  111. Ivan (verified owner)

    A very great explanation about the fascia. The examples and the analogies are easy to understand. It explains the fascia movement in a very fascinating way.

  112. Patricia (verified owner)

    Tom Myers’ childlike curiosity of the endless complexities of relationships between the elements that make up the physical and the elements that affect the physical makes all of his teachings engrossing, uplifting, exciting, fun. Love his sense of humor and his deep respect.

  113. Justina Appel (verified owner)

    I have been in the field of rehabilitation for 30 years but I am just now learning about how important it is that a treatment plan includes this material. I thought the book was fantastic as a reference and learning tool, thanks for putting it together for the rest of us!

  114. Francesca Cross (verified owner)

    Always very informative – I will return to study more after my operation recovery – please keep putting out your teachings they inspire and inform.
    Thank you

  115. Sue D (verified owner)

    Really interesting and useful!

  116. Michelle Cady (verified owner)

    Super thorough and yet digestible. The combo of explanations with demonstrations was really helpful.

  117. Carla Castagne (verified owner)

    Carefully explained with useful demonstrations. Easy to follow and Tom makes you laugh as well. It’s a great intro to fascia and so simply explained you can’t help but understand. Also makes you want to know more. Thanks Tom for sharing your amazing knowledge.

  118. Dana Strobl (verified owner)

    So thankful for the work you are doing! I greatly enjoyed the way the material was presented.

  119. Terence Patrick (verified owner)

    Excellent! Don’t miss it!

  120. Susann Luschtinetz (verified owner)

    Fantastic video!

  121. Teeann Duncan (verified owner)

    Very informative, well presented and understandable. .

  122. Sharon (verified owner)

    I was impressed with the information on this video. Having the examples that let me, someone just starting to learn A&P, understand and actually ‘get it’ was fantastic.

  123. Brian Gorecki (verified owner)

    Truly fascinating! The fluid and fiber properties of fascia and its ability to be manipulated and its adapt simply amazes me. Mr. Myers takes a fairly thick topic matter for some and communicates it in very consumable ways. Can’t wait to learn more!

  124. Rd (verified owner)

    Wow, I have all that stuff inside of me And I can have an effect on it? AWE-some. Cogent. Clear. Concise. Humorous. Inspires curiosity. I like it!

  125. Lida (verified owner)

    I am so happy to be diving in to the AT system, reading the main text and exploring videos. I will be using this knowledge in my own healing, and with my yoga therapy clients.

  126. Julie Nicholls (verified owner)

    Brilliantly simple for me to explain to my own clients why I work slowly, softly and use vibration, now I have seen this video. Thank you for the clarity and the demonstrations .

  127. (verified owner)

    This was a very informative lesson with clear, creative visuals and examples. Also had great take-aways for my personal practices and client strategies.

  128. Patricia Reynolds (verified owner)

    Last week was my second dissection class. It was fabulous. The presentation, visuals, and level of expertise were really great. Everything was well done. I’ll recommend these classes to anyone interested in their body. So informative.

  129. Paul Abdella (verified owner)

    I loved this video as the content was clearly explained and revealed much new information on the deep and profound topic of fascia in the body. I have practiced and taught T’ai Chi Ch’uan for more than forty years and the Huang (fascia in Chinese medicine) is a major conduit/conductor of Qi flow in the body. Looking forward to reading the Anatomy Trains book now.

  130. Annie Martin (verified owner)

    Always fascinating to learn about the human body. The fascia still continues to amaze me because of how integral it is in every function of our body. With clear and concise information presented, I can’t wait to take another course.

  131. Patricia Hurley (verified owner)

    Brillant. The demonstration with the cornstarch and 4 types of fascia were absolutely incredible. Thank you.

  132. Tcjamfarm (verified owner)

    This was a thorough and well laid-out explanation. Cleared up several things for me. After seeing him in the fascia and chronic pain summit, I told my massage therapist (who is trained in fascial release) and she bought the summit. Many people will benefit from this man’s work

  133. Ravel Reiljan (verified owner)

    A complex subject is very simply and clearly explained!
    Thank you very much for a very useful course!

  134. chrissy (verified owner)

    Knowing very little about fascia and wanting to know more, I was grateful for the opportunity to watch this gratis. I enjoyed it (his manner is easy, appealing, and very clear) and I learned alot. Being of the age when memory is no longer my friend, I’ll have to watch it again and take notes; but if I wanted a good advertisement for the company, this video’s quality would do the trick. When your emails come now, I pay attention and see whether there’s anything which would really be useful to me that I can afford. High quality.

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