I want to get started with Anatomy Trains. What is the best opening workshop to host at my school?

We have three good ‘openers’ that bring in new and returning students:

BodyReading – a 1-day workshop in visual assessment of whole body patterns in terms of the Anatomy Trains. Students leave with better assessment skills, and are inspired to come back to learn more. This course is suitable for both manual therapists and movement professionals.

Anatomy Trains Structure and Function – a 3-day workshop that overviews all 12 myofascial meridians with their anatomy and function, along with Fascial Release Techniques for key areas. This course is designed for manual therapists of all types.

Anatomy Trains Movement Essentials – a 2-day course that overviews all 12 myofascial meridians in terms of their stability and mobility functions. This course is designed for contemporary movement professionals such as Pilates teachers, yoga instructors, personal trainers, dancers, and athletic coaches.

How many students do I need to have in a workshop to make it work for all of us?

Depending on your costs and what you charge, 12-15 students usually breaks even, 20 students to achieve profitability. We can help run you through the numbers if you are interested.

What is the best way to advertise and market these workshops?

Anatomy Trains will post the workshop to our site(s) with a link to your organization. We do e-newsletter blasts to our network, run internet ads, or promote nationally through media as appropriate.

Educational partners will be provided with a promotional kit including a branded FB event banner and a flier. We recommend reaching out to audiences outside your network, as many will be interested in these workshops. Some suggestions: FB Ads, press releases to local news organizations, and newsletter E-blasts.

Is Structural Integration Certification possible through these workshops?

Anatomy Trains offers a pathway to certification in Structural Integration through these workshops, as the equivalent of Part One of the Anatomy Trains certification curriculum. Part Two and Part Three may be held at your facility when you have at least 24 committed students upon approval by Anatomy Trains. They can also attend Part Two and Three at the yearly training at Anatomy Trains headquarters in Maine, Australia, or occasionally in Europe.

Do my students register with Anatomy Trains or with my organization?

Your students register and pay you directly through your school.

What is the business model?

Anatomy Trains offers a 70/30 split of the net profits (with minimum fee guarantee), with 70% going to Anatomy Trains and 30% to your organization, after expenses. Usual expenses for Anatomy Trains are teacher travel and lodging and copying costs, and expenses for you are promotional costs and credit card fees.

Can I purchase Desk Copies of Anatomy Trains and is there a discount for my school?

Anatomy Trains is published by Elsevier, www.elsevier.com. Please contact mailto:s.meyer@elsevier.com for school discounts. Anatomy Trains courses are also supported by a full list of DVDs, webinars, posters, books, and other gear that are available at the workshop or online.