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Zoga Movement has been officially recognised by Thomas W. Myers from Anatomy Trains. The course is a module in itself as well as part of Zoga Movement Practice Certification and Zoga Movement Therapy Certification.

The course has been developed by Wojtek Cackowski specifically for movement professionals and manual therapists who want to broaden their professional horizons and skills in anatomy and structural integration through movement combined with manual work.

Zoga Movement is a concept that helps to achieve goals of structural integration and supports this process. It can be done as a group experience or self development practice or as a one to one therapy where it combines manual and movement work to create a balanced structure and function in a gravity field.

Portrait of Wojcieck CackowskiWojtek has been fascinated with movement, sports, and bodywork his entire life. It is his greatest passion to study and develop holistic approaches to the treatment of the human body. He applies this passion, along with his deep understanding of anatomy and manual therapy techniques, to the workshops he teaches around the world.

Since completing his degree in sports education and physiotherapy, Wojtek became a board-certified ATSI structural integration practitioner, as well as a Certified Anatomy Trains Teacher for Tom Myers, a ScarWork Certified Teacher for Sharon Wheeler, and the Founder of the Zoga Movement concept. Furthermore, Wojtek is actively involved in multiple educational projects, including Myofascial work with Disabled Children, the Zoga Face Integration, Certification Programs for ATSI, and other projects that connect multiple medical specializations.

He also sits on the Board of Polish Manual Medicine Association and is a Member of Exercise in Medicine Poland. Wojtek is a proud father of two, currently residing and practicing in Poland.

Zoga: Multidimensional Movement course information

Course Name Date Location

Anatomy Trains ZOGA Face Integration Part I

Jun 27 – 29, 2024 Walpole, ME, USA