A Truly Unique Opportunity

Anatomy Trains offers a unique opportunity to do your own dissection projects as well as learn from everyone else’s work. For this year, all our work will be with untreated, fresh-tissue cadavers — otherwise difficult to find (and no embalming fluid — which means no chemical smell and a much truer picture of the fascial and other tissues).

Learn and work your own dissection projects with fascial expert and Anatomy Trains author Tom Myers and master dissector Todd Garcia in Todd’s Laboratory of Anatomical Enlightenment in Boulder, CO. These annual events draw students from all types of manual, movement, and fitness professions in an exploration of the real human form — not the images displayed in books.

These are not prosections or demonstrations — you are in there from Day 1 doing the dissecting yourself. Tom and Todd will offer tutorials, explanations, or brief lectures on our collective findings. Choose the project you want to follow, as well as observe the results of everyone else’s. No previous experience with dissection is necessary to attend this course.

Emotional and spiritual aspects of the experience are very much respected — it’s a voyage of discovery. Nothing can replace doing dissection first hand, with your own hands and eyes. What is it you want to know about? What do you want to see for yourself?

If you have a project you might want to interest others in joining, or an idea for a project you want to run by us ahead of time, put it up on our dissection Facebook page — we’ll respond!

Wondering what to bring to our fascial dissection workshops?

Anatomy Trains teacher and dissection lab assistant, Lauri Nemetz, put together this short video to answer that frequently asked question!

Dissection Lab Assistant Faculty