A Truly Unique Opportunity

‘Autopsy’ means ‘see for yourself’ – come see for yourself how the body really looks, feels and moves. For our 5-day dissection format, we offering the following:

  • Untreated cadavers – highest quality tissue, no embalming chemicals
  • Dissection is done by class participants
  • 7-8 people per cadaver (most labs have 10-12)
  • At least 6 different cadavers in the lab for comparative anatomy
  • Anatomy lectures by Tom Myers
  • Spacious and separate male and female locker rooms, two bathrooms
  • Break room with kitchen
  • Dissection Master Todd Garcia, Experienced Dissection leaders Tom Myers, Lauri Nemetz, Holly Clemens available table to table to guide your experience
  • Q&A at the close of the day for shared experiential learning
  • Explore beautiful Boulder, Colorado
  • Payment plans available for 5 day dissection

If you have a project you might want to interest others in joining, or an idea for a project you want to run by us ahead of time, put it up on our dissection Facebook page — we’ll respond!

Take a video tour of the lab experience! 

Testimonials and Interviews

Wondering what to bring to our fascial dissection workshops?

Anatomy Trains teacher and dissection lab assistant, Lauri Nemetz, put together this short video to answer that frequently asked question!

*please note: a dissection manual is not required for our upcoming dissection courses*

Dissection Lab Assistant Faculty