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Been to our fascial dissection workshops and want to augment your learning? Or are you curious about dissection and looking for a place to start? The Anatomy Trains Dissection Bundle is the perfect learning kit for you, packaged at a discount. A value of almost $250!

What you get:

BodyReading: Visual Assessment of the Anatomy Trains Video Series

A $150 Value! 

“Seeing is touch at a distance” said Ida Rolf. In this webinar series, learn to BodyRead your clients’ postural patterns in terms of the myofascial meridians. This is a progressive skill that will serve you every day, make your work more efficient and long-lasting – and you will never be bored at airports again!

Anatomy Trains Revealed: Dissecting the Myofascial Meridians

A $49.95 Value!

Using real-time classroom video and photos, this 3-Video set presents an unfolding firsthand voyage of discovery in the field of manual and movement therapies – a unique 21st century view of fascial anatomy in manual and movement therapy unexplored from the first dissections in the Renaissance until now.

Thomas Myers, author of Anatomy Trains, takes you on this journey with the help of master prosector Todd Garcia in his Laboratories of Anatomical Enlightenment. Together, they reveal a new understanding of clinically relevant myofascial links to your eye and hand.

Anatomy Trains 4th Edition Posters

A $49.95 value!

This series of 8 posters – completely redesigned to align with the third edition of Thomas Myers’ classic Anatomy Trains – are an essential visual reference to all 12 myofascial meridians laid out in Tom’s book. They include artwork from the prominent British anatomical artists Philip Wilson and Deborah Maizels, whose previous work was with the latest edition of Gray’s Anatomy. Measuring 11 by 17 inches, these laminated posters are a valuable addition to the walls of manual and movement therapists’ studios, for refreshing your memory about connected anatomy or to show clients why work in one area will be effective in another.


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