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The Science of Bodywork #1: Unfolding Evolution

A $100 value!

The story of our evolution is written in our bodies – in the fundamental energy flows, the cellular exchange, the complex communicating systems. Come along with Tom Myers as he plays out our evolutionary history, emphasizing points relevant to contemporary manual therapy, bodywork and movement education. With humor, imagery, and a host of examples, Tom spins out the story he has been developing for 40 years, detailing the rise of the fascial, nervous, and circulatory support that comes together to from the primordial ooze to make ‘us’ modern humans – the most fascinating and dangerous of all the animals.

The Science of Bodywork #2: Embryology of Fascia

A $125 value!

In Embryology of Fascia, Tom Myers, coming from a completely holistic and ‘chemistry-free’ perspective, traces the changes in shape from conception to birth, including the development of the fascial system. Understand the holistic communicating systems of the body, the recent findings of genetic, neural, and fascial plasticity, and see the physiological context for how these systems work together to literally ’shape’ us.

The Science of Bodywork #3: The Physiology of Emotional Release

A $50 value!

This bodyworking webinar places this aspect of our work with clients in its physiological perspective, and defines the way – through observing the expression of our autonomic nervous system – that you can stay within the guidelines of your scope of practice.


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