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Tensegrity – a word that combines ‘tension’ and ‘integrity’ – is a form of geometry and engineering where the integrity of the structure depends on the balance of the tension members. Our body is just such a structure – the structural and movement stability of the body depends on the balance of the soft tissues. We have long assumed that the skeleton was a strong ‘frame’ on its own, and that the muscles ‘hang’ off the skeleton. The reality is that the bones ‘float’ in the soft-tissues, with their position determined by the tensional balance in the fascia.

This concept has far-reaching and very practical consequences for therapy, movement training, athletics, and rehabilitation – it is an important concept in 21st century understanding of the body. This series gives you a thorough grounding in the theory and practice of this important concept.

Originally aired in 2/13, the series is now available as video on-demand.

  1. Tensegrity in the Body
  2. Cellular Tensegrity
  3. Practicing Tensegrity
  4. Tensegrity Demonstration

4 CEU’s available for NCBTMB credit.


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