Q & A with Tom: Ida Rolf and Tensegrity

Question via email from a colleague:  Hi Tom, Quick question. Do you have some reference of Ida Rolf ever talking or writing about Buckminster Fuller and Tensegrity? Tom replies:  Hi back I have seen no writing of hers on Bucky or tensegrity – Jeff Lynn is who I would ask, his historical brain might know… Read more

Study with Tom Myers in Boulder, Colorado, this October + BodyReading Photoshoot

Anatomy Trains, in collaboration with the Laboratories of Anatomical Enlightenment, will offer TWO exciting courses in Boulder, Colorado, this October!  BodyReading 101 + 102 with Tom Myers – October 21-22, 2023 Fascial Dissection with Anatomy Trains author Tom Myers and Master Dissector Todd Garcia – October 24-27, 2023  Between classes, you have the chance to… Read more

Farewell Hans Flury

We note with sadness the passing of Dr Hans Flury, the ‘first’ rolfer in Switzerland (in quotes, because Ida Rolf was in Switzerland in the 1920’s), at the same time I was the ‘first’ rolfer in England (Ida Rolf was there too, right up until she went to Esalen in the early 60’s).  Hans and… Read more

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