Brain’s tiny pulsations revealed in ‘stunning’ 3D images – Commentary by Tom Myers

Tom says: The human brain remains the most intriguing kilogram in our known universe.  Although the details of neuronal action, neuro-peptides, and the glial network are being revealed by research, the fundamental mystery of how consciousness operates remains tantalisingly out of reach.  The brain’s internal movements are being revealed by this new method of turning… Read more

Imaging the first moments of a body plan emerging in the embryo – commentary by Tom Myers

From Tom: As a Structural Integrator seeking organisation along the body’s vertical axis, I have always wondered: What sets that axis in the body? I am not alone in this. This article does not answer the question yet, but points to how a solution might be found soon:  The ovum is approximately a sphere,… Read more

Free Structural Integration Bodywork for Vaccinated Front Line Workers in Walpole, Maine

February 23, 2021 For immediate release:  Free Structural Integration Bodywork for Vaccinated Front Line Workers in Walpole  Anatomy Trains, a nationally certified school for structural integration, is offering an opportunity for a free series of 12 structural bodywork sessions for Covid-19 vaccinated (both doses before April) adults, with strong preference given to healthcare and other… Read more

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