Intermediate stratum

Intermediate strata is the arthroscopic surgeons’ term for ‘loose fascia’.

Add this to Thies’ interstitium, Hedley’s peri-fascial membranes, Guimberteau’s Multimicrovacuolar Collagen Absorbing System, Borden’s Rapidly-Adap[ting Internal Network, or my Biomehcanical Auto-Regulatory System,

Or go with the traditional: intermuscular fascia, areolar, adipose, subcutaneous, hypodermis – so very many words for different areas within our singular ‘biome’ of the fascial web.

This whole trend of model making is interesting, as is arthroscopic surgery, which has a different point-of-view from traditional cavity surgery.

They are using data similar to what we are employing to make the plastic ‘cobra’ etc.

In this clip, 2:45 – 3:15 is the nub – the doctors want it to look like the book, with bright color distinctions.

În vivo and in fact, the ‘intermediate stratum’ – in this case the vascular adventitia – is yet another word for this loose tensegrity network.

Every tube we have from the softest to the densest – veins and arteries, nerves, tendons, the spinal cord, the esophagus and the rest of the gut – is sheathed in this ‘intermediate stratum’ of adventitial loose fascia.