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Mussel farm

It’s a family joke that before I was into muscles, I was into mussels. Back in ’73 – yes, children, that’s almost fifty years ago – I started a mussel-farming business under my father’s direction in the Damariscotta estuary I now call home again. Trying to copy Spanish methods of the Galician rias from afar,… Read more

A walk with Til Luchau

It was a great pleasure to go out walking on the high plains of Colorado with my compadre Til Luchau. Til and I taught together at the Rolf Institute in the 90’s. I handed over to him my portion of the curriculum as I left to form my school which became Anatomy Trains. Till likewise… Read more

Passing of Lawrence Ferlinghetti

We note with sadness the passing of Lawrence Ferlinghetti.  At the ripe old age of 101, he had outlived most all of the Beat  poets – is Harold Dull still with us? – like Ginsburg and Corso and Kerouac, of which he was a younger but still card-carrying member. In my 20’s, adrift in San… Read more

Tom Myers


Wherever in the world you are, and no matter when your local harvest festival, this is a year to remember gratitude. In America most of us are hunkering down with our housemates – the same housemates we’ve had since March – around a pared-down Thanksgiving feast.  Outside the foreseen autumn flood of pandemic pours through… Read more

Easter sermon

Easter 2020 1 Those of you who know me will be aware that I am not much of a church-going man. Oh, I am all in favour of spirit – practice and discipline, serving the community and the wonderful music – but organised religion has a lot to answer for, IMHO. Particularly the patriarchal Children… Read more

To walk humbly with your Lord

Finished me courses in Fremantle, mate, dropped souf to Margaret River for a li’le r&r. (Me clutching the wheel as I hurtled the hired car down the left side of the road). “It’s just a short drive” – 4 hours later. Margaret River’s inland scrub is being gradually replaced by expensive, Napa-style wineries, but I… Read more

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