Moving Through the Metaverse

The following is a message from Danny Vitalis of Wild Fed, altered a little to be about the modern dilemma of movement rather than the modern dilemma of food:

Moving through the Metaverse

Being out of doors (remember, there wasn’t an ‘indoors’ for 99% of our time on Earth) is more than getting your exercise, It’s an antidote to the Metaverse. These endeavors megadose you with reality. They’re real, actual experiences that nourish your senses with the authentic. Tangible, undeniable encounters in un-curated spaces and with the other-than-human beings with whom we share the biological world.

How easily we’re embracing this dystopia. No matter how much it divides and damages us, like addicts, we keep reaching for more. So many humans are preparing — en masse — to leave, to dissociate from reality. Even now they’re being coerced, marketed to, and manipulated. Pushed, with messaging of fear and stress, alternated with surges of synthetic euphoria, into digital spaces. They’re leaving the real world that we didn’t create for a surrogate one we did. A world where, thinking ourselves gods, we’ve become slaves of our own making.

As a phone addict and outdoors enthusiast, I thank you, Danny.

Tom Myers, Clark’s Cove Maine

February 3, 2022