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Q & A with Tom: Inguinal Hernia and Fascia

A follower writes in with a very common question for Tom: Is there a connection between the fascia and inguinal hernia? (I have had a hernia inguinalis since 2014). If so, what chances of recovery / treatment options exist without surgery? And where? Tom replies: Yes – an inguinal hernia is a pathological overstretching of the… Read more

Spatial Medicine: Fascia and Cancer

As bodyworkers or movement therapists, we tend to think of Spatial Medicine in terms of movement hygiene, the inactivity crisis, and reduction of the strain patterns that lead to pain patterns. And Lord knows, that’s a big enough job these days. But the other side of Spatial Medicine – long an interest of mine but… Read more

Aleph Kamal, 1949 – 2017

It’s a rare friend who is usefully difficult. Some people are just difficult, and long friendships can have difficult times, but a usefully difficult friend is a treasure. One of mine just passed over last night. Aleph Kamal – born the same year as myself, but in Egypt of an Indian mother and a strict… Read more


Animals – especially mammals – are constructed similarly to us, and thus suffer from a host of ills as we do. I’ve seen dogs that were neurotic, depressed, angry, scared – every emotion we have, they also seem to have. What do we have that they don’t? The thin bark of cortex around our brain… Read more


New York Harbour

Usually my restlessness moves me on from anywhere as soon as I am able, and I am eager to get home – but today was a Monday sabbath for this guy who often works weekends. Sunday night after a challenging workshop, I was psychologically checked (in the hockey sense) by a close friend – I… Read more

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