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Usain and Symmetry

See the New York Times article: Something’s Strange in Usain Bolt’s Stride Last week I had a group of movement professionals in for an intensive, and I noticed again how many folks are ‘hooked’ on the drug of symmetry. Lots of yoga and Pilates folks, and often dancers, will ‘automatically’ put themselves in symmetrical positions… Read more

Gil’s New Fuzz

I am so glad I braved weekend summer traffic to Portland to see the latest iteration of Gil Hedley’s somanautic dives. Start here to get a sense of Gil: – but there are many YouTube videos, and the full catalogue of his work and schedule is at: Gil is currently on a nationwide tour… Read more

Sailing Stories

Expiation: The nature of sin In this secular age, what is a sin? The rules of Deuteronomy, the Ten Commandments, or even the Eight Precepts are totally inadequate to the complexities of modern transgender, micro-aggressive, post-racial-but-not-really, it-all-happens-online social milieu. A new morality is definitely emerging, but it’s taking a while, and I don’t think I’m… Read more

Freeing C-Section Scars

Sing Ho! for this helpful and anatomically detailed look at C-section scars from Anatomy Angel Dr. Dooley. Read the article here.  For us bodyworkers, we can help re-establish proper balance in the intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) and pelvic floor using the following: To gently free a horizontal scar: Place your client seated on a bench or… Read more

Wonder Woman

I snuck away from socialising tonight to indulge a guilty pleasure. If you’re going to see a blockbuster, best to immerse yourself in Imax and 3-D, an experience not ready-and-to-hand in my little village in Maine. I settled into the middle seat – surprisingly sparse turn-out for a Saturday night in Denver – prepared for… Read more

Best Exercise for Aging Muscles

More news on the epigenetics of exercise – lots of genes turned on to change physiological levels in old folks like me when we move. See the New York Times piece, The Best Exercise for Aging Muscles. The HIIT – High-Intensity Interval training – produced the best results, but most of us don’t rest enough… Read more

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