What is Anatomy Trains?

Anatomy Trains is a new understanding of how the muscles connect through the fascial fabric or connective tissue of the body. It has revolutionary applications for all types of bodywork and movement modalities.


  • Fascial and Myofascial Manual Therapy Methods
  • BodyReading Visual Assessment in Posture and Function
  • Anatomy Trains Structural Integration
  • Anatomy Trains in Movement Applications

Why Choose Anatomy Trains?

Holistic, Fun - and Useful!

All our Anatomy Trains courses blend a global new approach to myofascial anatomy with connected practical applications to soft-tissue patterning you can use on ‘Monday morning’ – for your clients’ rehabilitation, performance enhancement, and general movement efficiency. Learn more about Anatomy Trains and its applications.

Diverse Course Options

Anatomy Trains in Structure and Function, our opening course for most professionals, leads into our series of regional Structural Essentials courses in Fascial Release Technique, but we also offer courses in BodyReading visual assessment, yearly Fascial Dissection intensives, and multiple application courses for contemporary manual therapists, Pilates, yoga, or athletic trainers. Choose what you want to learn about – check out our full course lineup here.

Inspiring Learning Environment

All our classes provide an ‘open inquiry’ learning environment, no matter what your previous background. We value all approaches to ‘spatial medicine’ – health promotion through manual therapy and movement – we are interested in what is and what works, not promoting a ‘right’ way. Expect lively discussions on contemporary issues in manual and movement therapies. Click here to meet our worldwide faculty.

Evidence Led - With a Human Touch

Anatomy Trains is inspired by the centuries of tradition in anatomy, as well as the recent findings in fascial research, movement studies, and epigenetic plasticity. Our classes present a coherent theory of ‘shapeshifting’ with a therapeutic intent, based on current evidence. But all therapy is a conversation between two intelligent systems, and we never lose our practical, human touch. Read our recent blogs here.

How Do I Start?

Start your education with Anatomy Trains by reading Anatomy Trains – 4th Edition, which is part of our starter package. You’ll learn how the muscles are functionally linked in ‘myofascial meridians’ through the fascial webbing.