Acupuncture Meridians and the Anatomy Trains

Out on the road again this autumn, I have been asked by many people about the relationship between the acupuncture meridians and the ‘myofascial meridians’ of Anatomy Trains.



Let me begin by saying that I myself know almost nothing about acupuncture, the meridians, or Asian medicine in general. I built / discovered / mapped the Anatomy Trains entirely out of regular western anatomy books like Netter and Sobotta and many others. Of course I saw the parallels, but I did not want to shoehorn my system into that system when I was so ignorant of all the implications, variations, and significances of these energy meridians.

So when it came time to make that comparison, I was in luck. I was contacted by Dr Peter Dorsher, and he did the job, secure in his knowledge of the acupuncture system and all its ramifications. That essay is an appendix in the back of the Anatomy Trains book, for those who make it that far.

For those who did not make it all the way through and for those who asked me recently, here is the article Peter wrote, expanded from what is in the AT book. Enjoy!

Click below to download the article as a PDF:

Trigger_Points_and_Classical_Acupuncture (1)