AT Masterclass: Introduction to Balancing the Diaphragms with Julie Hammond




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Balancing the Diaphragms is made up of a series of workshops starting with the introduction workshop looking globally at all the diaphragms, then leading into individual workshops on each diaphragm before putting it all together. This workshop is an introduction to the concept of the five diaphragms and to understand how all these areas are linked. Its focus is on collaboration between health professionals, to expand your referral network and to understand how we cannot treat one without thinking about the others. A pelvic floor problem is never just a pelvic floor problem, we look at how other factors need to be looked at when working with pelvic floor pain and dysfunction.

This workshop is recommended for health professionals who want to know more about global strategies and get an understanding of the connection between these important areas.

It is suitable for manual and movement therapists and addresses client centered treatment and the need for integrated therapy. The importance of collaboration between health professionals for the long-term benefit for the client.

We will look at research, anatomy, experiential, client homework and connections in this introductory webinar.

Julie Hammond  lives in Western Australia with her husband and 3 children. She is Director and lead teacher of Anatomy Trains Australia and NZ. Julie has been a bodyworker for the last 20 years and is a certified Anatomy Trains Structural Integration practitioner and Teacher, certified to teach the entire Anatomy Trains Structural Integration programme. Julie also designs and edits the Anatomy Trains E magazine.

Julie has trained with some of the best names in the industry and has been heavily influenced by Tom Myers and Judith Aston’s work. She has a passion for anatomy and has participated in many dissections to increase her knowledge of the human body. She loves working with the feet, pelvis and jaw and is fascinated with the connection between each of these parts of the body.

Julie also has a passion for gait and in her sessions looks at functional movement and gait. She is currently looking at the connection between pelvic floor health and arch support, or lack of, and how she can help women improve the function of the pelvis from the ground up.

Note: This is a recording of a live online Masterclass Zoom webinar given by Julie Hammond on January 4, 2021

Runtime: Approximately 2 hours


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