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Easter sermon

Easter 2020 1 Those of you who know me will be aware that I am not much of a church-going man. Oh, I am all in favour of spirit – practice and discipline, serving the community and the wonderful music – but organised religion has a lot to answer for, IMHO. Particularly the patriarchal Children… Read more

To walk humbly with your Lord

Finished me courses in Fremantle, mate, dropped souf to Margaret River for a li’le r&r. (Me clutching the wheel as I hurtled the hired car down the left side of the road). “It’s just a short drive” – 4 hours later. Margaret River’s inland scrub is being gradually replaced by expensive, Napa-style wineries, but I… Read more


This peaceful sunset photo with sailboat may not seem to personify determination, but look more closely:  Do you see that little black blip off the bow?  See the guy rowing the dinghy, pulling the boat?  See the cloud of mosquitoes around his head? The photo documents the very end of my yearly sail Down East… Read more

Padua – Part 4: Fascial Manipulation

Carla’s young friends, Catarina and Sheng Lei (glad to speak a little English in the midst of his sojourn in Italia), took me to a geological museum, which was rococo in the extreme ’round the assembled fossils, but I was distracted, still among the anatomists. In another life, I would play Narcissus and hoard old… Read more

Padua – Part 3: The smell of old books

The next morning we joined the department head, the professor / politician – senza Carla, lecturing – to tour a new anatomic museum, with a state of the art hologram. And a great set of obstetric and embryological models, wish I could show them all. Hell, wish I could have handled them, so amazing. Along… Read more

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