Category: Country Life / City Lights


No Ducks

This time of year is a temptation to denial. Although we have already had one snow, around the time of Sandy, it didn’t stick, and the fall in Maine has been glorious – one sparkling day after another. The bugs of summer have gone, even the crickets silenced by frost, but the seductive voice behind… Read more


Putting Up the Boat

Each year comes the time when my sailboat must be put up for the winter.  It’s a roulette game – I want to keep it in as long as possible, ’cause I might get another sunny day, a few free hours to lean into the wind.  On the other hand, the Old Testament god of… Read more


Spontaneous Combustion

Every year for the last decade we have had a bonfire with our burn pile – the year’s worth of cut brush, lumber ends, old fence posts, what have you. This year, we invited our whole bodywork class over to the house to share the experience, which is warming, satisfyingly dramatic with leaps of flame… Read more

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