I am pleased and humbled by the fulfillment of a dream this weekend. I’ll bet everyone was ready for fireworks this weekend when Leslie Kaminoff (www.BreathingProject.com) and I got together to talk about breathing. In fact, however, it was fun to see where we had learned from each other, and approached each other’s position on certain fine points of respiratory anatomy. Sparring with Leslie – or in this case trading with him – is always a mutual pleasure. Missed Amy Matthews, hope she comes next time.

As fulfilling as the teaching is, the fulfillment comes from bringing so many different professions into one room to dialogue with each other. I had hoped that Anatomy Trains might provide a bridge among isolated groups of professionals, but this workshop may well have been the zenith in all the hundreds I have done. Everyone from surgeons, an ob-gyn, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, voice teachers, bodyworkers and yogi(ni)s of all stripes, dance teachers, Pilates, personal trainers, an Alexander Technique teacher, a circus performer, martial artists, and acupuncturists, and God bless whomever else I left out.

All these are the stuff of Spatial Medicine – how do educate and heal our Neolithic kids successfully into a 21st century electronic world? – it was a good encounter; may we have many more.

-Tom Myers