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A Court Supreme

The one-two punch of de-fanging the Voting Rights Act (how well I remember the satisfaction of us civil rights marchers at its passage) coupled with the toppling of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) has me seeing stars. The formula of the voting rights act – certain states had to have any proposed changes federally… Read more


After the long Maine winter…

After the long Maine winter, spring is a hurried time of getting out the wintertime dust and getting everything ready for the glorious Maine summer, which some have described as ‘six weeks of bad sleddin’. Because we live on the water, I have a lot to do in that short season around the pier and… Read more


Twelve Miles From Anywhere

It’s been days and days of clouds and cold rain, so when it finally broke on Memorial Day, I settled the emails, ignored the long ‘honey-do’ list, and stepped aboard my yawl which was swinging back and forth on the mooring in the fresh boreal air.  Tycha was as impatient as I was to be… Read more


Running down the Alps

Running down the Alps from Innsbruck to Milan, the train running in and out of tunnels, with the tumbling water of of milky streams, eager to keep up with us, always by our side as we worked down from the pass of pine mountainsides wispy with fog. The water builds its ‘experience’ from stream after… Read more


African Cities

Cairo, Lagos, Johannesburg – I imagine these are the three largest cities in Africa. Jo’burg built up around the gold mines, but is now a gold mine of its own, certainly a big-business town with lots of traffic. Like Mandiba (Nelson Mandela, who is in hospital somewhere in the city, may he be allowed to… Read more


Arrival in Africa

Flying from Jo’burg to George, the hills pass below me like sea-chop – regular, sharp-peaked with white rock tips coming out of the greenish slopes like white caps. In the troughs of the dry valleys, farms are eking out from what moisture there is, probably unaware of the geologic ‘sea’ they float in. It could… Read more

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