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Dances with Whales

Dances With Whales – July 20, 1999 July 16 was my 50th birthday – and Mother Nature delivered the most wonderful present. Even as Tribe cleared the river, we didn’t know whether we would turn left to our familiar islands or go straight out into the open sea. It was a mere three-day summer cruise,… Read more



Where I live, water comes in three forms – liquid, solid, and vapor – and water pretty much shapes our lives around here. In summer, we sail and swim in its liquid form, or rain falls into our garden, but in winter the solid form takes over underfoot and in the sky.  Two days ago,… Read more


Cheery Cherry Blossoms: A Letter from Maine

Dear Kaori I’m looking forward to see you in April, hoping that it will match the timing with the cherry blossoms in Tokyo, such a magnificent show of nature’s delicate strength. This is the weekend of the totally American holiday of Thanksgiving. I know there are harvest festivals worldwide, but Thanksgiving evolved in a unique… Read more



Where I live – there’s heresy in trees, An orange apostasy amid the green denominations. At first it’s just a single branch In some dank corner of the lowlands – A nickering doubt in the clicking of crickets That gets a nod from the goldenrod, A pang of white-haired dread in a dark night’s frost… Read more


Guilty Pleasures

Sailing is a selfish pleasure, and often a solitary one for me – as yesterday, when the list of to-do’s as long as my arm suddenly faded in front of 22 knots of westerly wind.  Jumping aboard, loosening the lines, raising the sail, and backing her off the mooring – I have escaped!  The boat… Read more


Warming Up

I live in so many lives — the one I just finished as a learning facilitator for month of Sundays in lively and balmy Australia was fun, enlivening, tiring, and of course an ego boost; being the center of attention is exhilarating but also draining. One’s ego comes to earth very quickly on arriving home,… Read more

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