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It’s difficult for an East Coaster to find ‘island time’. I got here a few days early ahead of my pair of Hawaiian classes, They’re bracketed this year by our two sets of dissection classes, and the absolute focus required in the lab – two cohorts of Japanese, well-meaning and well disciplined, but still, people… Read more

Leipzig Journal

My otherwise spare hotel room has the standard German window that either opens like a door or tips in a little from the top if you twist the handle the other ways. Leipzig’s air is sweet and clean, so I have opened it wide – to the sound of church bells. The Nicholas Church is… Read more

All fall down

Hazel, the rather tall local KMI practitioner, took me for a much-needed walk (she strides – I pumped my little legs to stay with her) up to this radio tower at the top of Sugarloaf, above the city of Christchurch, NZ. On the way, through a welter of mountain bike and ‘tramping’ trails (they’re all… Read more


Dear Annie, When stranded in a seaside city, one can do worse than taking the local ferries to get the ‘lay of the land’ – from the water. Someone with a day to kill in Portland can take the Casco Bay lines out to the islands, and of course we recommend our students on the… Read more

Dawn at the Great Wall

I had to turn to at 5 to get out of Beijing before the traffic. The closest point is 2 hours north, and my host’s partner Miss Bei drove David and I up in the dark. After a soporific ride out through the worsening ‘weather’ (pollution), it was still dark when we arrived and just… Read more

Forbidding City

Beijing has the Forbidden City at its center, but you could call the whole thing ‘the Forbidding City’.  Usually when I am not working or sleeping, I love roaming in foreign climes, but Beijing is not friendly to the pedestrian.  Wide boulevards that would be great with a river in the middle and cafés along… Read more

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