Category: Country Life / City Lights


Guilty Pleasures

Sailing is a selfish pleasure, and often a solitary one for me – as yesterday, when the list of to-do’s as long as my arm suddenly faded in front of 22 knots of westerly wind.  Jumping aboard, loosening the lines, raising the sail, and backing her off the mooring – I have escaped!  The boat… Read more


Warming Up

I live in so many lives — the one I just finished as a learning facilitator for month of Sundays in lively and balmy Australia was fun, enlivening, tiring, and of course an ego boost; being the center of attention is exhilarating but also draining. One’s ego comes to earth very quickly on arriving home,… Read more


Aussie Style

It’s a truism where I come from that if you spot the moon and want to know whether it is waxing or waning, just draw a line along the flat side. If it makes a small ‘p’, it’s ‘progressing’ (waxing), and if a line along the flat side makes a ‘d’, it’s ‘decreasing’ (waning). That… Read more



About four this winter morning, I stumbled into the bathroom to alleviate the pressure of Saturday night’s wine (pausing to remember Rumi’s assessment of human beings: a machine for turning the finest Shiraz wine into rank urine). I heard an odd sound, and looked around – where could it be? it almost sounded like someone… Read more


First Storm of the Season

Ahead of the storm, it was so still and cold that the first inhale you take outside has the shine and consistency of mercury. Whatever animals catch your attention first – the birds, the horses, and rabbits – get their food and the activity moves the cold to your skin and then out of you… Read more


Tom in Hong Kong ’13

Last night was ‘go out with the sponsor’ night in Hong Kong, and since Kevin and Phoebe are both very down-to-earth folks, it was a bit uncharacteristic for all of us to go the very trendy bar at the top of the new ISA building. With the boys in their jeans and Phoebe in her… Read more

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