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The Fascial Release Technique video series is 6 hours of direct instruction in myofascial and fascial technique from Anatomy Trains author Tom Myers. Ease postural compensations and restore natural myofascial balance. Tom Myers has been honing these techniques over many years of teaching worldwide to many different professions. Direct from our ‘practice studio’ to you, this series is the first time that Tom will be teaching his standard and advanced techniques over the internet, a substantial jump in the technology of webinars. You can ask questions, see the techniques up close, and link specific common postural problems to the techniques being taught.

Originally aired on 6/13 and now available as video on demand.

Earns 6 CEUs through NCBTMB

Session 1: Fascial Release Technique

  • Are you contacting the fascia? How to know the ‘feel’ of fascial work
  • Use of tools: fingertips, palm, knuckles, forearm, elbow
  • Body positioning for best results (for you and for the client)
  • The three I’s: Intention, Invitation, and Information
  • The three D’s: Finding the right depth, direction, and duration

Session 1 will include techniques drawn from the library of Structural Integration – pioneered by Ida Rolf as updated by Tom – to illustrate the points above. Practice the rest of the organized technique videos in the ‘frame’ established in this first one.

Session 2: Opening the Breath and Shoulders

  • Techniques for easing the Superficial Front Line and the breath
  • Opening Arm Line myofascia at the front of the shoulder to correct slump and shoulder immobility

Session 3: Balancing the Feet and Legs

  • Opening the ‘neuromyofascial web’ on the foot
  • Balancing lower leg tonus to support the arches

Session 4: Freeing the Hips

  • Techniques for hip flexors
  • Balancing the deep lateral rotators

Session 5: Shoulder Stability

  • Grounding the Scapula
  • Balancing rotator cuff

Session 6: Integration

  • Settling the sacrum
  • Easing the spine

1 review for Fascial Release Technique

  1. Ravel Reiljan (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for this course!
    Very, very practical and convenient to use!
    This technique fits perfectly with the ones I already use – thanks to it, I have already been able to repair several hand and back problems!

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