BodyReading: Visual Assessment of the Anatomy Trains Video Series & BodyReading 101 Video


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This package includes both the BodyReading video series and our BodyReading 101 streaming video ($99.95 regular price, $65 in this bundle).

*All videos are online streaming videos

“Seeing is touch at a distance” said Ida Rolf. In this video series, learn to BodyRead your clients’ postural patterns in terms of the myofascial meridians. This is a progressive skill that will serve you every day, make your work more efficient and long-lasting – and you will never be bored at airports again!

Tom Myers gives you the benefit of his 40 years’ experience seeing the relationships within the skeleton, soft-tissue, and motor patterns. Using many examples, we will go through the elements in each line, and put it all together in useful tips and measurements, coupled with protocols to undo the patterns and restore free and full movement.

Earn 5 CEUs through NCBTMB

1. BodyReading as a skill

  • a) How to approach visual assessment
  • b) How to ‘sell’ bodyreading to your clients
  • c) Positive reinforcement: ‘3 good things’
  • d) The 5 stages of BodyReading

2. Superficial Front Line & Superficial Back Line

  • a) Anatomy Review
  • b) Startle response and emotional holding
  • c) Primary and secondary curves assessment
  • d) Backbend and roll down movement assessment

3. Lateral Line and Deep Front Line

  • a) Anatomy Review
  • b) Inversion / eversion patterns and foot arches
  • c) Genu valgus and varus: knock knees and bow legs
  • d) Ab- and adduction balance

4. Spiral Line and the Arms

  • a) Anatomy Review
  • b) Assessing trunk rotations
  • c) Assessing shoulder position
  • d) Corrective protocols

5. Assessing the spine

  • a) Primary and secondary curve protocols
  • b) Side bends
  • c) Spinal rotations
  • d) Summary review

4 reviews for BodyReading: Visual Assessment of the Anatomy Trains Video Series & BodyReading 101 Video

  1. Ed Onofrio (verified owner)

    Excellent work on both the standing and walking cases. Very detailed standing cases. However, I would have liked for Tom to explain in more detail the reasons for his assessments on each client including the soft tissue assessments. The text was very helpful on the walking cases. I have not viewed the webinars so perhaps more information is included there. Otherwise, fabulous detailed work everywhere!

  2. jenifer (verified owner)

    The body reading webinar is very organized, concise, and applicable. Thomas Myers delineated the relationship of posture, skeletal system and facial lines. I am really glad I took this class. I can’t wait to start looking at my clients with different lenses.

  3. Ales Pospisil (verified owner)

    Perfect explanation of how the body structures works via those lines and how to assess the body as a whole. Love that psychological point of view while assessing the structural body.

  4. Joel Orozco

    Tom Myers is without a doubt one of the best teachers out there when it comes to bodywork and understand the body as a whole. If you have been around for a while as a practitioner you still will learn from him, if not from his knowledge about the body (which is vast), at least from his humble way to articulate what he has developed for over 40 years. Needless to say these series of videos are beautiful and engaging. If you love what you do as bodyworker, Tom will be a boost of inspiration. I can’t wait to expand my skills with him through anatomy trains.

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