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Farewell Hans Flury

We note with sadness the passing of Dr Hans Flury, the ‘first’ rolfer in Switzerland (in quotes, because Ida Rolf was in Switzerland in the 1920’s), at the same time I was the ‘first’ rolfer in England (Ida Rolf was there too, right up until she went to Esalen in the early 60’s).  Hans and… Read more

ATSI Certified Teacher and Founder of ZOGA Wojtek Cackowski to provide private ZOGA therapy sessions in Boulder, CO, and Maine

Anatomy Trains is excited to announce a new offering as part of our 2023 Summer Program on the coast of Maine! ATSI Certified Teacher and Founder of ZOGA Multidimensional Movement, Wojtek Cackowski will be offering private ZOGA therapy sessions while he’s in residence in Maine to teach. Wojtek will also be offering these sessions in… Read more

The Memory Palace of Bones: Review from Tom Myers

As a writer who happens also to be an anatomist, I am absurdly eager to recommend The Memory Palace of Bones, from our friends at Handspring.  This is the most poetic journey through our innerness since Deane Juhan surprised us all with the soaring and elegant Job’s Body (wow, nearly five decades ago).  Like Deane, David Lauterstein and Jeff Rockwell… Read more

ATSI Client Testimonial: Sue and Anders

Editor’s note: We are thrilled to share this testimonial for ATSI practitioner Anders Totten from his client Sue, with gracious permission of both of them. To find an ATSI practitioner near you, click here. To learn more about ATSI and apply to become a practitioner of this transformative work, click here.  Sue says: I want… Read more

In Memoriam: Stanley Rosenberg

We pause to note with sadness the passing of my old friend Stanley Rosenberg.   A man both of his time and ahead of his time, Stanley combined the impassioned delivery and imagination of a performer with the deep understanding required of a healer. Raised in the grit of Philadelphia (giving him a groundedness he… Read more