Farewell Hans Flury

We note with sadness the passing of Dr Hans Flury, the ‘first’ rolfer in Switzerland (in quotes, because Ida Rolf was in Switzerland in the 1920’s), at the same time I was the ‘first’ rolfer in England (Ida Rolf was there too, right up until she went to Esalen in the early 60’s).  Hans and I worked together with Robert Schleip and Peter Schwind, and Vandan to get the ‘first’ rolfing trainings in Europe started in the early 1980’s. What a time that was!

And what a spirit he was!  Hans was a wonderfully iconoclastic individual. Of course in our school we teach the taking of a careful history before starting work. “I never do that”, declared Hans, mischievously, “I just get started working.  If something feels ‘off’, I inquire about it.” I guess if you’re a trained medical doctor, as he was, you can do that.  I still teach history-taking.  But I never forgot his fresh attitude.

I loved his willingness to challenge authority – the Board of Directors (whichever BoD) would quail when he was elected. One year, he took a bunch of ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos, mussed the hair of some of them, switched them around, and then challenged the high-muckamucks of the Rolf faculty  – like Peter, Emmett, Jan, and Michael – to distinguish which was which. Illuminating – and humbling for the teachers, who routinely guessed wrong.

When he had ruffled enough feathers, he ‘retired’ to his practice, because in the end, he loved the work. Thanks for hanging with us, indomitable man. Rest in peace – but, given that that’s unlikely for you, dear Hans, travel at ease in whatever dimension you have decided to inhabit now.

– Tom Myers, Clark’s Cove Maine, June 28, 2023