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Q&A with Tom: Scheuermann’s kyphosis

Read this fascinating exchange between Tom and one of our followers on Facebook about working with Scheuermann’s kyphosis. Jacob: I’m a personal trainer and I love your work! Any advice for an athlete with Scheuermann’s kyphosis? I’ve been attempting lots of different thoracic rotations/extensions. Strengthening and lengthening the hamstrings seems to mitigate pain. One issue is… Read more

KMI Technique: Back Work on a Bench

Back work on a bench is a characteristic ‘move’ in Ida Rolf’s work, and we continue that tradition here at KMI. By sitting the client on the bench and working progressively down, we can get a variety of work done on the spine in a safe and educational manner. Although this is a speeded-up montage,… Read more

Practitioner Tip: Carpal Tunnel Release

While arches in the feet can fall and become too flat, it is far more common for the arches of the hand to get too ‘arch-y’ – the tunnel gets too narrow as the hook of the hamate and the tubercle of the trapezium approach each other.  Whether it is a use issue or an… Read more

Equine Dissection: Sharon May-Davis

While in Christchurch, New Zealand a few weeks back, I attended a horse dissection. All too briefly – it was happening while I was teaching, so after racing across the Canterbury Plain as the sun fell, I arrived at Bowen therapist Cath Gordon’s farm – – for about an hour of exploring horse anatomy,… Read more

Anatomy Art Series #1: Adductor Magnus

My favorite anatomy pictures series #1: Adductor Magnus (to see a fascial release technique for this complex muscle, click here) Anatomy nerds like me revel in old anatomy books that give you perspective not provided by most modern texts, which have seemingly settled on a particular 2-D point-de-vu about muscle function. This more 3-D one from… Read more

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