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Equine Dissection: Sharon May-Davis

While in Christchurch, New Zealand a few weeks back, I attended a horse dissection. All too briefly – it was happening while I was teaching, so after racing across the Canterbury Plain as the sun fell, I arrived at Bowen therapist Cath Gordon’s farm – – for about an hour of exploring horse anatomy,… Read more

Anatomy Art Series #1: Adductor Magnus

My favorite anatomy pictures series #1: Adductor Magnus (to see a fascial release technique for this complex muscle, click here) Anatomy nerds like me revel in old anatomy books that give you perspective not provided by most modern texts, which have seemingly settled on a particular 2-D point-de-vu about muscle function. This more 3-D one from… Read more

Woman sitting at counter

Settle Up! Solutions for Clients Who Sit a Lot

Sit up and listen! ‘Sitting is the new smoking’ – I don’t know who coined this great phrase, but let’s pay attention. Sitting itself is a healthy activity that reaches back to prehistory – the hunter resting on a convenient boulder or fallen tree, the farmer resting on her haunches with friends to survey a… Read more

The Tibetan Monk

The leader of rehabilitation at the local hospital in Shenyang is one of the KMI students, a kind older gentleman who looks more Indian than Chinese. He wants me to look at one of his patients, described as a monk. He has an intractable shoulder problem. I come back early from lunch to have a… Read more

Fascia Congress

4th Fascia Research Congress

I am looking forward to the newest Fascia Research Congress, taking place in Washington DC – the unique meeting place for researchers and practitioners. Findings in many new areas will be presented, and I am eager to see what’s new in fascial plasticity, remodeling, and elasticity. And of course it will be a chance to see old… Read more

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