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Intra-Oral Work

These wonderful pictures are from a recent Head, Neck & Jaw class I did in Toronto, sponsored by Body Evolutions. Demonstrating how we get to the root of the tongue to ease the tension on the hyoid bone. It’s hard to see inside the mouth to tell exactly what the instructor in doing. That’s why… Read more

Chuck Wolf of Human Motion Associates

OK, I’ll admit it – I am not much for organised sports. I was awkward and inept at them when I was a child. I have gravitated to solo activities where I’m in competition – if any – with myself. In hiking, the opponent is the hill. In sailing, I manage a device for dancing… Read more

KMI Technique: Back Work on a Bench

Back work on a bench is a characteristic ‘move’ in Ida Rolf’s work, and we continue that tradition here at KMI. By sitting the client on the bench and working progressively down, we can get a variety of work done on the spine in a safe and educational manner. Although this is a speeded-up montage,… Read more

Teacher Spotlight: Don Thompson

As part of our on-going Teacher Spotlight series, we’re excited to be featuring Anatomy Trains teacher from the UK, Don Thompson. His journey to structural integration and teaching Anatomy Trains is a great read! Don has been involved in the study of the human form for the best part of 3 decades. He draws upon his… Read more

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