A Day with Jaap van der Wal

We’ll have more to say about the 4th Fascia Research Congress, but I capped it off by spending a day trapped in an airless conference room on uncomfortable seats in the presence of one of the most passionate Renaissance thinkers in the anatomical world – Jaap van der Wal.  Dr. van der Wal has been… Read more

Fascia Congress

4th Fascia Research Congress

I am looking forward to the newest Fascia Research Congress, taking place in Washington DC – the unique meeting place for researchers and practitioners. Findings in many new areas will be presented, and I am eager to see what’s new in fascial plasticity, remodeling, and elasticity. And of course it will be a chance to see old… Read more

Tom Myers treating compartment syndrome

Q&A with Tom: Compartment Syndrome Treatment

Hi Tom! In the role of coach of a football (soccer) team for youth girls, I studied some of your recommended books/literature in search for methods to treat/prevent compartment syndrome and other fascia-related problems, mostly related to the lower leg. It still seems a common perception that compartment syndrome needs a surgical solution. From what I have… Read more

Fascial Dissection

Fascia Mashers and Fascia Bashers

I’d recently been advised to read this article, which has been floating around the interwebs for a couple of years now, but is worth looking at again: Fascia Science: Stretching the power of manual therapy. Since this fellow is both sincere and clearly referring to our work, he deserves a response. In every young science… Read more

plantar fasciitis

Q&A with Tom: Plantar Fasciitis

Question: “Tom, how do I treat plantar fasciitis? Ice or heat? Exercise it or rest it? Special shoes? It’s extremely painful and I can’t sift through the conflicting information!” Answer: Plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the aponeurosis of the foot) generates a lot of conflicting info because it really is several different conditions that get balled up… Read more

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