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Reward Your Cerebellum – Move!

Using florescent cells from jellyfish as a marker, scientists have ‘discovered’ that the cerebellum – a remarkably difficult part of the brain to study, even though it is only 1/6th of the volume but contains 1/2 of the neurones – is part of the reward system.  We know the cerebellum is deeply involved with movement,… Read more

How to Train Fascia, Tip 3: Hydration

Third in our short video series of fascial training tips with Tom Myers! We’re beginning to understand how important healthy fascia is to a healthy body, but how can we train our fascia to keep it hydrated and functioning well? Tom gives you some answers in this four-part series. Enjoy part three and stay tuned for… Read more

Tom Myers on The Body Awake Podcast

Thanks to KMI graduate (Seattle, 2011) Liam Bowler for a wonderful interview with Tom on his podcast, The Body Awake, on fascia, movement, trauma and integration. Including: the nature of fascia as the body’s very under-mapped “biomechanical autoregulatory system” how “you” could be seen as a vessel for your digestive system to get around (at… Read more

Anatomy Trains E-Magazine: Issue 3 is Out!

Thanks to Julie Hammond of Anatomy Trains Australia and her team for putting together this absolutely gorgeous 3rd issue of the Anatomy Trains E-Magazine. Inside you’ll find an exclusive interview with Tom Myers, an article on fascia by Dr. Jaap van der Wal, as well as contributions from Anatomy Trains teachers Lauri Nemetz, Holly Clemens,… Read more

Anatomy Trains in Honolulu

Tom recently taught two courses in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii: Balancing the Pelvis and ‘Finding Home’ – A Guide to Functional Neutral. Enjoy some photos from his time there. Tom beginning the ‘Balancing the Pelvis’ course with work on the abductor group.  Pretty nice to be able to duck out for lunch and take a swim… Read more

Anatomy Trains Summer Courses 2017

Anatomy Trains launches free webinar, summer courses

For Immediate Release Jan 30th, 2017 Walpole, ME Anatomy Trains, recognized leader in Structural Integration certification, whose short courses, books, dvds and webinars present ‘holistic anatomy’ for manual and movement therapists, today announced the release of “How Fascia Moves” featuring Thomas Myers, bodyworker and author of Anatomy Trains. This 30 minute webinar features Tom sharing… Read more

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