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Practitioner Tip: Carpal Tunnel Release

While arches in the feet can fall and become too flat, it is far more common for the arches of the hand to get too ‘arch-y’ – the tunnel gets too narrow as the hook of the hamate and the tubercle of the trapezium approach each other.  Whether it is a use issue or an… Read more

Anatomy Art Series #2: Van Hagens’ Bodyworlds

Continuing our series on key anatomy pictures, these two specimens from BodyWorlds – KorperWelten – so epitomize the difference in approach between Newtonian and Einsteinium biomechanics. The left hand picture shows the individual muscles, detached at the proximal end and reflected before being plastinated. But the message is unmistakable: If we understood the actions of… Read more

Anatomy Art Series #1: Adductor Magnus

My favorite anatomy pictures series #1: Adductor Magnus (to see a fascial release technique for this complex muscle, click here) Anatomy nerds like me revel in old anatomy books that give you perspective not provided by most modern texts, which have seemingly settled on a particular 2-D point-de-vu about muscle function. This more 3-D one from… Read more

Woman sitting at counter

Settle Up! Solutions for Clients Who Sit a Lot

Sit up and listen! ‘Sitting is the new smoking’ – I don’t know who coined this great phrase, but let’s pay attention. Sitting itself is a healthy activity that reaches back to prehistory – the hunter resting on a convenient boulder or fallen tree, the farmer resting on her haunches with friends to survey a… Read more

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