The Memory Palace of Bones: Review from Tom Myers

As a writer who happens also to be an anatomist, I am absurdly eager to recommend The Memory Palace of Bones, from our friends at Handspring.  This is the most poetic journey through our innerness since Deane Juhan surprised us all with the soaring and elegant Job’s Body (wow, nearly five decades ago).  Like Deane, David Lauterstein and Jeff Rockwell are very experienced bodywork therapists and teachers.  And also like Deane, they are artists with a deep appreciation of history, exploring the skeleton’s subtle nuances and obscured meanings.
Who reads anything any more?  You do, with this one. These days, I need to read a lot quickly to even appear to keep up, and a lot of it is papers or articles online.  This is pure pleasure reading, with your favorite beverage nearby.  Just relax into the unique situation of being led, gently and mellifluously, into new (and, for me, clinically useful) views of the memory palace written into our skeleton and all that surrounds it.  Thank you, David and Jeff!