Dissection Livestream Invitation from Tom Myers

Anatomy Trains and Laboratories of Anatomical Enlightenment are pleased to invite you to Dissection Livestream with Tom Myers and Todd Garcia: A Regional and Layered Journey Through the Human Body, June 5-8, 2020

Dissection livestream.

Do it.

Being as self-critical as anyone, it is seldom I can give such an unequivocal endorsement to a new educational product.

But here it is: The 4-day Dissection Livestream is an essential journey for anyone who works with the body – or inhabits one. Absolutely worth the time and money commitment, guaranteed. Come with us in a layered and progressive opening of a human body over 8 x 2 hr sessions. From skin to bone, cutaneous nerves to cranial nerves, superficial fascia to the continuous membranes that surround the organs, you can rest in the calm confidence of an over-the-shoulder close-up view of master dissector Todd Garcia at work. Marvel as his scalpel, moving almost like a feather, carefully reveals the fascial layers and all the various tissues within them. Todd’s artistry is coupled with my commentary drawn from our evolutionary and embryological history, anthropology and biomechanics – and my 4 decades of practice with peri-partum issues, artists and athletes, postural shifts, and injury repair.

We marry together the various worlds of training and manual therapy while maintaining a steady course through classical anatomy, as per the outline below. Anatomy from books is great. Anatomy felt and lived is also great. This is something in between – a 3D guided tour, using the donor’s gift to see how fascia interconnects all systems, with an emphasis on myofascia and movement.

Our first edition of this class got embarrassingly good reviews from osteopaths, trainers, rehab docs, massage therapists, dancers, and physiotherapists. We value all approaches – the body is the authority, not dogma.

Hear from a few of our recent participants:
The workshop was very impactful in many ways. It was spectacular. I attended a dissection of course last year and it was a sobering and profound experience. I found out so much about what I didn’t know about human life.
I got to add a lot more to my knowledge this time. It was amazing to be able to be at home and be able to participate. There are some real advantages to being able to have such a bird’s eye view while everything is being explained in such depth.
I hope to have the opportunity to do it again sometime soon.
Arthur Jaffe

I would like to extend my extreme gratitude for this extraordinary opportunity to participate in this webinar. All of you are talented in so many ways to pull something together like this in such a short time.
Thank you again -the level of professionalism and respect demonstrated during this entire series was beyond outstanding.
Suzanne Valentine, PT

I have enrolled and am currently watching the dissection webinar. I am so impressed with the quality of the video. I attend seminars regularly and know what it is like to have 6 to 8 people crowded around a table trying… to learn something. Between Todd, the expert camera work and of course Tom’s entertaining commentary, I believe I have learned more through this video than if I were actually there crunching elbows with people I barely know.
Ramsay Z Falcove LMT

Todd and I have been doing dissections together since the turn of the century, first to expose my Anatomy Trains myofascial meridians, but in the last five years we have been using exclusively untreated cadavers, and students have come from all over the world to be in our classes.

For two reasons, we have never tried to put the class experience on video: First, the lab experience is so intense and unique – we’re all working together and it requires a lot of presence, and secondly, the donor programs and our own ethics are strict about how images of the donors are used.

The second concern will be covered by the waiver you will need to sign and your own ethics in not sharing the images. The first concern, I am happy to say, has been quelled by our first outing last month – it went so well, and I am sure we will improve on it still more this month. We still hope to welcome you into Todd’s lab in Boulder when such classes can resume. But until that can happen, and for all those for whom such a trip is impossible, what you will find here is an amazing spiritual-emotional-visceral – as well as academically rich – experience in its own right.

Dissection, we understand, is not everyone’s cup of tea. You will be seeing images of all human tissues, up close, and without the clean abstraction that an anatomy book allows. Although we will introduce the process gently, the dissection will be happening on camera – these are not pre-dissected presentations. Suffice it to say: This is not casual viewing. We truly invite you, and we also invite you to give us your undivided attention, to honor the gift, and to change how you see the body forever.

— Tom Myers, Clark’s Cove Maine, May 2020

Enjoy a video invitation from Tom:

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