The Return of the Light

Every religion away from the equator has a ceremony around this time of year, when the sun reaches its lowest point in the sky and then starts slowly arcing higher for longer days.

2016 – though it was certainly a successful year for us at Anatomy Trains – felt like a low ebb year all on its own, at the very least for the quality of public discourse. In waving good-bye to this difficult year, we resolve for passionate patience in 2017, clear communication and an engaged dialogue on the unfolding understanding of – in our case, at least – the body and how it gets put together and stays together as it moves.


There is such a richness in the varying flavors of humans, and such richness in the therapeutic relationship – the one-to-one nourishing touch that is the essence of what we do.


We wish you a bright 2017, with our gratitude for your interest and custom.