Change your body about your mind

Tensegrity WebinarsSpent yesterday and today with 50 personal trainers brought in through PTA Global – first a day where I showed them fascia in a dissection lab, and a second day at Athletes Performance.

A major point of Rodney Corn’s on this day was how much your inner attitude and your outer ‘attitude’ (posture, non-verbal communication) affects your performance. New research supports the idea that body positioning – even ‘fake-it-tip-you-make-it’ body positioning (I mean holding a pencil in your teeth for two minutes to make you smile) will help your cortisol levels go down and your testosterone levels go up.

This has strong implications for the Structural Integration idea, and for the concept of body tensegrity, biotensegrity. We will be discussing this research and the practical application of tensegrity in our 4th tensegrity webinar coming up in a couple of weeks. Meanwhiile, catch up on the first ones and take in this Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy.

Ida Rolf was originally and fundamentally a chemist. Chemistry has finally caught up with her basic structural idea, which I expressed in the KMI tagline: Change your body about your mind.

-Tom Myers