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Giving Thanks

Editor’s note: this is Tom’s Thanksgiving post from 2015. Enjoy!  We know from our stats and ping backs that this blog gathers readers from all over the world, but here in the US we are pausing for our unique holiday of Thanksgiving. Oh, there are harvest festivals in nearly every culture, but Thanksgiving was first… Read more

The cell adhesion protein talin (shown in red) bears mechanical forces of seven to ten piconewton und mediates the engagement of cell adhesions to the actin cytoskeleton (shown in grey). This talin linkage allows cells to sense the stiffness of their environment so that cell adhesions become reinforced on stiff substrates (left cell). Impairing the mechanical talin linkage leads to a loss of cellular rigidity sensing (right cell). Credit: MPI of Biochemistry/Carsten Grashoff

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Spatial Medicine: Origins

This very morning I was joking in our training class about “The Year of the…” “The Year of the…” is an important element of bodywork practice (or really nearly any craft). After your first apprenticeship to your craft – let’s stay with bodywork here, so after your education as a massage therapist, physio, chiropractor, yoga… Read more


More Adventures in Anatomy by Lauri Nemetz

Notes from the American Association of Anatomists Regional Meeting by guest blogger, Lauri Nemetz In the latest in my own anatomy adventures, I was at the regional NYC meeting of the American Association of Anatomists on November 5th, taking in a day of learning and also presenting my poster on “Space for Well-being: Understanding How… Read more


Notes from Fascia Research Society By Lauri Nemetz

Thanks to guest blogger Lauri Nemetz for her fascinating report. Fascial Manipulation and Anatomy Day at Touro with Antonio Stecco Open nearly any health or fitness magazine (or even gym schedule) and the word “fascia” often pops out. However popular it has become with self-proclaimed experts and blasters everywhere, the science behind it is still… Read more


Chuck Wolf of Human Motion Associates

OK, I’ll admit it – I am not much for organised sports. I was awkward and inept at them when I was a child. I have gravitated to solo activities where I’m in competition – if any – with myself. In hiking, the opponent is the hill. In sailing, I manage a device for dancing… Read more

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