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Q&A with Tom: A New Career in Bodywork

A frequently-asked question from a follower about what direction to take a career change into the field of bodywork / movement and Tom’s reply.  Tom – With absolute sincerity, thank you for your reply. I understand how busy you are and I’m truly grateful. For some background on me: I’m 34. I have early mornings,… Read more


Q&A with Tom: Self-Healing Guide

Good morning! This is a bit of a long shot but, I am an LMT and today I am emailing you for your assistance with a book I am writing. I have been a “big time” fan of Anatomy trains and the work of Thomas Myers for many years. I have used his book as… Read more


Q&A with Tom: TMJ and Myofascial Influence

Dear Mr. Myers, I‘m writing a publication about TMD (temporomandibular joint disorders, also called TMJ) and body posture. A part of my descriptions treated osteopathy and myofascial systems I‘m looking for information about TMD. I have purchased your book, but there is no information about this anatomy part in it. There is a myofascial influence?… Read more


New Scientific Evidence for the Anatomy Trains

While at Robert Schleip’s Fascia Summer School – held in Leipzig this year – I was very pleased to have a talk with Dr Jan Wilke on his research review into the myofascial continuities.  Here is a new article he gave me about the specific Lateral Line connection between the so-called ilio-TIBIAL tract and the… Read more


Fascia Summer School

You cannot see his face but that’s the inimitable Willem Fourie of Capetown holding a tensegrity model in which one of the struts (upper left) has been replaced by a set of smaller tensegrities (mimicking Stecco’s ‘densification’), and one of the tension struts (lower right) replaced by another set of microtensegrities (mimicking fibrosis). You can… Read more

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