New Scientific Evidence for the Anatomy Trains

While at Robert Schleip’s Fascia Summer School – held in Leipzig this year – I was very pleased to have a talk with Dr Jan Wilke on his research review into the myofascial continuities.  Here is a new article he gave me about the specific Lateral Line connection between the so-called ilio-TIBIAL tract and the… Read more


Fascia Summer School

You cannot see his face but that’s the inimitable Willem Fourie of Capetown holding a tensegrity model in which one of the struts (upper left) has been replaced by a set of smaller tensegrities (mimicking Stecco’s ‘densification’), and one of the tension struts (lower right) replaced by another set of microtensegrities (mimicking fibrosis). You can… Read more


Does Posture Change Your Hormones? The Cuddy Story

The Cuddy effect – that holding a power pose (or its opposite) affects hormone levels and thus social engagement, often within minutes, instilling you with confidence (a la ‘fake it til you make it’ or ‘whistle a happy tune’) – has been an article of faith with bodyworkers since her TED talk first appeared. There… Read more


Q&A with Tom: Pectus Excuvatum

Read this exchange between Tom and a follower about his pectus excuvatum.  Hello Tom, I have pectus excuvatum. I’ve read your 3D book (Body3) and half way through Anatomy Trains. Those books are great and I will likely need to read them three more times to fully absorb everything. Because of your work I have a… Read more

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