Before and After Photos From Anatomy Trains Maine Summer Program 2023

Editor’s note: We are so fortunate to be able to share these exciting before and after images from ATSI graduate Jessie Owens, one of the students in Sharon Wheeler’s Tail End class, held August 1-4, 2023, at the Anatomy Trains Maine classroom. The session on Jessie was done by another student in class, Gabrielle Goldberg, who, despite being new to this work, was able to effect profound change under the careful tutelage of Sharon Wheeler. Before photos are on the left and after photos on the right.



Jessie says: “The changes I feel from the session are profound. Most obvious is my sense of mobility in my entire spine, specifically my lumbars. I have gained a lot of flexion. I can go deeper into a forward fold with ease. I have much more freedom in my pelvis anteriorly and posteriorly. I can sit deeper into a squat with ease.

I feel a greater sense of balance while walking. I no longer feel a dramatic pull in my pelvis to the left with each stride. My right leg can extend behind me without a sense of running into my own structure. I don’t have to work as hard to keep my lower ribs from leading while I walk or run. My ribcage has come back over my pelvis a little more.”


We are so grateful to Sharon Wheeler, a colleague and close friend of Anatomy Trains, for coming to teach this transformative structural integration work at our school every summer for over ten years. Stay tuned for Sharon’s Cranium and Bonework courses in Maine in 2024!

The Team at Anatomy Trains