Tom Myers’ European Tour 2021!

Anatomy Trains is thrilled to announce that Tom Myers will be presenting in person classes in Europe this fall! We have and will continue to carefully comply with local health guidelines to ensure safe classes and cannot wait to connect with our European community in November and December. (Space is limited, and some events have already sold out!)

We’re so grateful to our European sponsors who are helping to make this tour possible: Sigrún Haraldsdóttir of Happy Hips in Iceland, Thorhildur Knutsdottir of Icelandic Physiotherapy Association, Jonathan Sattin of TriYoga in the UK, Benoit Knutsen of Incitus in Amsterdam and Belgium, and the amazing Monika and Karin Gurtner art of motion Academy in Switzerland. 

See the full lineup here: 

November 6-7: BodyReading 101 + 102, Reykjavík, Iceland

November 8-10: Anatomy Trains in Structure and Function,  Reykjavík, Iceland

November 12-14: A Weekend with Tom Myers – Emotional Resilience and the Deep Front Line, Camden, UK

November 17-18: BodyReading 101 + 102, Antwerp, Belgium

November 19-21: The Functional Center: The Thoraco-Lumbar Junction Advanced global approaches to Low Back and Ribs, Antwerp, Belgium

December 1-3 + 6-8: From Heart to Hands: Discovering Inner Ease, Courage, and Belonging – a Mountain Retreat with Tom Myers and Karin Gurtner, Gstaad-Schönried, Switzerland – SOLD OUT, wait list available 


Please contact individual hosts with any questions about the workshops. They will be happy to assist you in attending these classes. 

We sincerely hope you can join Tom Myers and make new friends through the community of curious and inspired students for an exciting learning opportunity in Europe this fall! 

We are so revitalized by the possibilities of being together again with you in person!.