The Spiral Line: See the “Jump Rope”

This is among the first attempts to dissect out what I call the ‘jump rope’ – the lower Spiral Line that loops from the front of the pelvis to the back of the pelvis by way of the deep arch of the foot. The Vancouver yoga teacher who volunteered his leg for this photo did not want to have cadaverous tissue draped over his leg (some people!…), so the hamstring is in the upper right, but of course that would be coming from the ischial tuberosity on the back of the pelvis. The loop of tendon around the arch would hug the bones very tightly, and the tensor fasciae latae would be curving over the front outside of the thigh to the front of the hip.

The idea here is that we can understand the relationship between arch support and pelvic tilt in a way that is not predicted by simply understanding the individual muscles of fascial structures involved. Get a ‘whole-ier’ picture via the Anatomy Trains.

spiral line dissected