Anatomy Live! 2014

Looking ahead with excitement to the collaboration between Michol Dalcourt and myself at the Laboratories of Anatomical Enlightenment in Phoenix (well, Tempe) Arizona, January 18-19. The design is to bring trainers into contact with the tissue insights that come from ‘seeing for yourself’ what tissue looks like, feels like, and how it responds, and then take it onto the field for application during the second day.

On Day 1 of this experience, you go into the dissection lab with Tom, Michol, and Todd Garcia, the director of the lab. In this course, due to to Todd’s good contacts, we will have access to fresh-tissue, unembalmed cadavers, which gives you access to a body that is much closer to the living body than when you get in other cadaver classes. Secondly, this is not pure observation – you will have a dissection project and the chance to do this project on your own or with a small team. We will examine the Anatomy Trains myofascial meridians, check out tendons, tendon sheaths, and attachments, open up the cartilage and ligaments in joints, and see how the organs attach. An absolutely unique opportunity for trainers to see inside the bodies you work with in company with a leading expert in fascia in movement coupled with the developer of the VIPR system.

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