Introducing Anatomy Trains Webinars

These webinars are a new adventure for me, so here’s what I’m doing:

I’ve been reluctant to do webinars because all of bodywork, hands-on healing, manual therapy, somatic education – whatever you call it – our work has the unique quality of being passed through presence, through the direct touch of being to being.

At the same time, the most exciting development of this age is the internet, which is weaving us together in ways unimagined a mere decade ago. The web is putting us ‘in touch’ in a variety of ways, but it’s a visual and auditory medium – at least so far, the internet does not allow that essential element of our work – touch and presence.

I like them both – the presence of real touch and the possibilities of the internet as well, so we are launching a project to see how close these apparently disparate elements can be brought together to teach the intricacies of the body and our effective touch through the medium of the web. We’ve got state of the art – video clips of fascia, technique, and live Q&A.

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Unwrap your presence! Come along on this unique journey with me.

– Tom Myers –