Research: Deep Myofascial Kinetic Lines in Horses, Comparative Dissection Studies Derived from Humans

Following on from the lovely feedback we got from an equine worker after one of our Anatomy Trains courses, I am pleased to be able to post a new paper from Vibeke Sødring Elbrøn and Rikke M. Schultz, the Danish veterinarians who have been exploring the lines in the horse.  This paper expands into the Deep Ventral Line – what I have termed the Deep Front Line in the human.  These are the same authors who gave us the new appendix on lines in quadrupeds at the end of the new 4th edition. Thanks and keep going! – Tom Myers
Click here to read the research:
The feedback Tom refers to is from Celeste Kelly, equine massage therapist, who has attended a couple of Tom’s workshops, including BodyReading last January.
[I have been working on] a 30 year old quarter horse. A real little dynamo.
He came to me with his RR unable to flex either stifle or hock. He simply stabbed the ground with that leg. Somewhere in his past there must have been a fall or other injury that left the RR hamstrings, quadriceps, fascia lata with scar tissue as hard as a piece of wood. He had been ridden this way for 10 years. I saw him every other week starting in late November or early December.
This was him Friday, January 29. He had released so much that day! I was almost euphoric watching him move.

All this is to say I cannot thank you enough for your part in my healing journey.
Important note: only seasoned equine therapists should perform structural integration on horses.