Best Exercise for Aging Muscles

More news on the epigenetics of exercise – lots of genes turned on to change physiological levels in old folks like me when we move.

See the New York Times piece, The Best Exercise for Aging Muscles.

The HIIT – High-Intensity Interval training – produced the best results, but most of us don’t rest enough between bouts to allow the body the response necessary for the full benefit. The intervals of rest need to be longer than the short, high-intensity bursts of effort.

Any movement is better than no movement. The evidence is that simply getting up from your chair, walking around it, and sitting down again twice an hour is enough to significantly diminish the negative effects of prolonged sitting. Sufficient movement can be gathered right around the office. You can do intense jogging in place – lift those knees and elbows! – for a very intense minute four times an hour with no loss of phone calls and a probable increase in focus and productivity.

But a strength stimulus can be important too – lift the water cooler once a day, or be that person who slings the new bottle into it. Lift your desk or a filing cabinet – something to exert serious strength – only for a few seconds, only a couple of times a day.

If you really plan to be an Olympic lifter, you’re going to have to practice. But simply to maintain your health, think about the farmers of old – they would lift heavy things for a short time, and keep moving steadily for a lot of the day.

Every day:
• Short intervals of intense aerobic exercise
• Get out of your chair at least every 30 minutes
• Lift something heavy every day
• This can be problematic at the office, but having sex is great exercise