Tom Myers on The Body Awake Podcast

Thanks to KMI graduate (Seattle, 2011) Liam Bowler for a wonderful interview with Tom on his podcast, The Body Awake, on fascia, movement, trauma and integration.


  • the nature of fascia as the body’s very under-mapped “biomechanical autoregulatory system”
  • how “you” could be seen as a vessel for your digestive system to get around (at 36 min)
  • do we know what “trauma is stored in the body” means? what is memory? (at 39 min)
  • Tom’s story of his own birth, and experiencing liberation from a traumatic event many, many years later (50 min)
  • a look into Tom’s 1-on-1 work as a bodywork practitioner (this was of particular interest to me)
  • even a PG-13 Robin William’s joke you can tell at your next cocktail party (at 35 min, 20 sec)

Click here to listen!